Zsubordination. Zurich. Zilch. feat. Beyond

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The Illuminati’s got me, I’m a New Age kamikaze
Don Versace, honor nothing; neither you nor God can stop me
I’m the central banks, I’m Hitler kin. The strep throat angst while whistlin
I’m intricate, the intro kids - it’s infinite… it’s SWITZERLAND

Afghanistan avalanche war mongers hunger for Obama’s blood
Osama’s thugs still carry the burning torch of their fallen leader
Federal Reserve in decline, signs of an alien outbreak at large
Out takes of car bombings imminent in the Rio Bravo sector
Vectors of intangible reasoning permit starving Himalayans
From carving indentations into their own surroundings
Astounding collateral damage famished citizens of ancient Rome
Vacant homes robberies in progress on the Streets of Nirvana.
But really is there a way to weather the phosphorus fumes..
& reach for the saunas? Of the Department of Agriculture
Catapults being brought in to fight off the staves of civil unity
Crime waves in Germany’s pipelines - each infirmary bite sized
Not enough morgues & morticians to hold each corpse in remission
Bare in mind the Caroline flowers of Algernon your house is on
While the thousand gods of Allanon & Balthazar travel far
It’s cremation roses at the other side of the bodega in Milan
Health care isn’t covered so get the coat hanger for your mom
Welfare for the mothers and the boat hanger for your yacht
Jail’s there for the brothers and the gold’s tailored to your watch
It’s a hard knock life for the City of Angels that got their wings clipped
The Malaria babies and the aircraft carrier navies that’ll sink ships
The loose lip cornroll Toronto tourists with midriff showcased
You’re a unique snowflake in the Everglades taking center stage
It’s a missile crisis era with a lukewarm, dusky Soviet climate
Wrapped up in a warm sheet and you’re sooo cozy inside it
Harboring the rosiest eyelids until you nosebleed from sinus
Taliban ambulance tracking a lone bogey to snipe it
Pakistan is the road least traveled in light of recent events
The United Arab Emirates enter it and deepen the split
It’s the most sequined of knits - aboard the Prometheus ship
Picture a lone Engineer interfere in Earth’s destiny & seed it to bits
Tibetan chieftain forefathers engorge off of their Chinese overlords
Tamdrin Dorjee becoming Jason Voorhees when thrown overboard
Tsoe monastery has no remorse while the Gansu province has no recourse
Accident prone is just code for force - suicide is the soul’s abort.
Tropical Storm Rafael is island born and corrupts the waters
It’s plan to touch the harbors and pull a Sandusky on sons and daughters
Until the Virgin Islands are not so virginal while Egypt’s liberals clash
Islamists coerce subliminal ash into the brimstone fires of a criminal past
Royal Marines weened off the inseminal rag - Helmand isn’t a drag
Because Israeli airstrikes miss their mark and connect with Palestinian cabs
Syria bans; Turkish civilians crying out in turmoil to give them a pass
Malala Yousafzai treatment frequent and completely hidden aghast.
Hamas begrudgingly isn’t budging one step in the tribunal fashion
Ruthless passion erupts from the birthright of the Gaza infusioned masses
Mauritania leader ethered by two inch gashes - Abdelaziz
NATO’s lake home in Al-Qaida territory with napkin math entrapped in caskets
UN Security Council strapped with advents for each & every average hasbeen
Darra Adam Khel isn’t on the horizon of the off shore on the side
Off the record books in a New Zealand mountain top is the Lord of the Flies
Death camps permeate a mission to die, cold fusion pistons inside
Forget about the War on Terror when the monolith glistens at rise
When the prisons arrive - we leave behind this trust fund system of lies

The Illuminati’s got me, I’m a New Age kamikaze
Don Versace, honor nothing; neither you nor God can stop me
I’m the central banks, I’m Hitler kin. The strep throat angst while whistlin
I’m intricate, the intro kids - it’s infinite… it’s SWITZERLAND



Feelin’ sleepy?

Secret agents age in sects, rhetoric based on public scrutiny
Awareness is an untapped muscle, closed eyelids strum adjacent organs beautifully
Couldn’t tame the north men’s lunacy, threw the tapes and boards into the sea
The rock of Gibraltar with a stock full of monsters…made to order wolverines
Excuse me but... Willard Romney looks like a Mormon goon to me
Misdirect the clerics, the cloaked smoke from a cigarette’s apparent
Within the neuroscience of a hamster, the transfer of intellect through marriage
The minarets and barracks, which carried arithmetic numeric’s
In some respects, the only human able to be “inside” of a genius was Mineva Maric
Rothschilds need discipline I’m sure but I’ll still let Zen correct the barons
They’ll be stuttering when confronted, blacked out, epileptic parrots
& when their cards are pulled it'll be a disaster like an epidemic tarot
Cyber-Mossad regime squads unsheathed by Congolese armories
In the Middleast they sever the hands of liars…would that make Condoleez arms recede?
As steel monarchs from Carnegie siege… arteries start to bleed
Benjamin Netanyahu responds with glee, “Nuclear disarmament bargain, please?”
It’s capitalized to rip the weak roots, the Swiss don’t need coups
Do the Swiss even need troops? I speak pure, in the slurs of Damascus
Mark my words in blood: The backs of the people will break before the Euro collapses.
Outside the embassy gates, a wolf in wolf’s clothing preaches, hoping men will relate
In order to conquer the four praetorian corners of the world with the treasury bait
and pomegranates for complexity’s sake, waiting for the masses to mentally break
Then the oppressed are contained, passing out these legal ledger of flames
The grassy knowledge. Take a look at the expression on Kennedy’s face.
The raspy homage. Shout outs from the devil's mouth during the president's race
I’ve seen the gods. I’ve seen the smog from the modern gardens
Life is the hardest. Civilization ends as soon as the soul of Sid Meier’s parted
On a dim night in August with a Prince Biden caucus
Ebony and ivory in a chokehold like decorative bedposts with grid-iron carvings
In comes the Charlemagne muslim - as tough as a Lombard’s resolve
The Iranians on the chop block; train stations melt, boxcars dissolve
this so called prophet Julian Assange? We need assaults from the skeptics
Beside that inky pot of morning joe there’s poisonous frogs in the bread bin
Don’t get pricked if you can help it, move like water with Poseidon force
Chivalry’s dead 'cause the knighthood saw no honor in putting it on life support
This world labor strike’s a corpse. Wiped the floors with the whitened horse.
Behold the blackest dereliction, the wrath of serotonin
Thomas Hearns playing the grim reaper but with an afro at the moment
Knocking at the doors of the corrupted IMF headquarters demanding answers
While Iran Barkley barrels forward swinging wildly with hammers, lances, antlers
Glancing his cheek with a blow, down he goes… then silence with a peaceful breeze
Fires in the streets of Greece, invoking the guile of Ireland to beat the beast
Even the Triads flee from the scenery, Fukushima trees bleached from a deceit disease
Who’d ever heard of weapons of mass….what? reaching the Eastern sea
Arrogant chums. Out of this imperative month they made a poor decision
Feudal lords had risen, he had abhorred the vision of the man he’d become
took his money out of a Swiss bank, put it into an incomparable American one
I feel the words flare on my tongue… “This global war is an imperial one.”
It’s also an embarrassing one. So you can try & convince yourself America won.

This is for America,

The Illuminati’s got me, I’m a New Age kamikaze
Don Versace, honor nothing; neither you nor God can stop me
I’m the central banks, I’m Hitler kin. The strep throat angst while whistlin
I’m intricate, the outro kids - it’s infinite… it’s SWITZERLAND

*ending credits music*


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