Your Execution?

Posted by Erik Moshe on Monday, July 7, 2014 Under: Rhymed Verses

Be a hoplite on my feet, deflect shots from pikemen
Be a phenom from my street, a dreadnought from Iceland
I used to tread blocks and slice men
Now a marketable sonnuva... the end stocks were priceless
No peptalks, my set balked, I bent bars through fighting
Ascent toward the light, the best gore since Eichmann
Not just executing game plans through dense, large enticements
Money ain't enough sole motivation - death forged my license
Kevlar chin, the ref started prying, a depth charge was sighted
The old fox was told not to get the mess halls excited
each f-bomb ignited by Philadelph's brawling titan
immoral? might've been - plenty of Top 10 stars were slighted
two strategically placed shots to the body, the rest hard like iron
robbers and thieves get appeased when the mongers besiege
but if you hit and don't get hit... then you're probably teased
the loss of my teeth is greater than a doctor's degree
I'm in the same vein as James Toney, I could box in my sleep
as I grow older, my will of mind ensures my body competes
the straits of longevity part for the achievement of impossible feats
Life isn't meant to be all jolly and grand
I remember sitting by my trainer's deathbed, he was watching me dance
"It's all about the footwork, son..." plus I've done a lot with these hands
learned to live by the codes to stay hungry
cause most of these modern boxers today are straight butt cheeks
A champion in the present but I used to be the criminal type
locked down in the system for liftin' & heists and incidents of similar stripes
As the years tally, I'm feeling younger which I'm beginning to like
Never mistake hard work, dedication & discipline for the elixir of life
This is a chess man's game, take it from the old spider -
Yes, the soul tires, but the competition still burns in his eyes like coal fires
I'll continue to fight, hoodwinking the masses with the riddles I write
-with my fists; all it takes is one precise shot to the chin & it's lights

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