Wrath of a Fragile God

Posted by Erik Moshe on Saturday, April 14, 2012 Under: Rhymed Verses

“Welcome to your first session of celestial family therapy consultation
Take a seat, please. You may begin by introducing your parental obligations.”
Greetings, I’ve come on behalf of my children as they are busy at the moment
I go by no name - I am known as a chemist of human embryonic potion
You see… we coexist in a symbiotic notion - I created them in seven days
Now they can die in several billion ways, and hatred has compelled their brains
Ashamed, in dire need of counsel, in pursuit of the season’s light
I’m one millennia away from hanging myself by a noose from the tree of life
Be truthful, don’t just preach it’ll be alright -
I’m seeking a boost from a legion knight with proof I can turn these youthful seedlings ripe
Your looking at the guy who taught angels to read and made the demon’s write
Architect of psychological hellscapes, even the creator himself has an evil side
Who’d have thought I’d abuse my cause with a false sequence of testaments?
The almighty God, ruler of the universe… just as weak as the rest of them
I loved my beautiful children, but tongue-in-cheek I detested them
Imagine how depressed they’d get if I confessed I never summoned Jesus from Bethlehem
As a parent I’ve been completely disrespectful & negligent, an earthquake to their beehives
For example, why do they have to eat and sleep? I should’ve made them machine-like!
So… my roots debased, I feel like destroying the universe with foolish haste
You see, it’s kind of difficult to product recall the entire fucking human race…
“I think you are placing too much blame on yourself,” replied the therapist modestly
“Cause honestly, if gods are flawed beings, that makes perfection…quite a rare commodity.
You shouldn’t always expect there to be eternal divinity in this life cycle aristocracy”
“Stop being so soft to me. What should I do?” God asked desperately to his annual psychic
“…my purpose for the creation of life on Earth was so I could get my biomechanical license”
“I need help, don‘t make me punch you in the face! I’LL PUNISH THEM WITH PLAGUES
Leave now! Get out!
“That'll be all, I'm relocating you to Family Domestic Violence - down the hall to the right...”

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