Woodrow Wilson's Briefcase

Posted by Erik Moshe on Saturday, October 6, 2012 Under: Rhymed Verses

Biotic bastard berserker with a bionic basilisk disperser
Krylon canisters, burners, Tylenol cabinets and burnt earth.
Watched Saigon ravaged in first person,
I’d describe it in plain language but iconic masters prefer cursive.
This isn’t exactly how I imagined this to gradually earn turf -
nobody could average my words worth
Anglican girders micromanagin' Mary Magdalene’s birth terms
to create a holistic baby and feed it immaculate Gerber
because compassion and nurture only go so far…
when being attacked by these Vatican perverts.
(plus I keep the meaning of life in my Soul Glo jar)
I’m here to warm up, not to singe these nymphos.
Their jaw lines trimmed and then stoned
by a ninja miscreant skilled in Zen and Kempo,
while listenin’ to Lil Kim & Kimbo.
On the surface of my skin’s where imminence flows
the inevitability liquid that trickles into adrenaline’s moat.
Disgruntled emissaries dancing in the water
...outside the gates with muscle definition like a pygmy hippo
but I think it’s simple.
Are we some demons? Probably.
Watanabe greaser yackin’ about some green wasabi
Mephistopheles with soy sauce in one hand,
a sea salt coated cadaver to give his cuisine some “body.”
Area 51 Xerox machine seeking copies, goin’ beast on feeble colleagues
My global reach spans from Eastern geography
to a strictly Western theme of beating Rodney
Why redeem Obamney? Why vote for the lesser of two evils?
We’re too good for that.
I’d rather just invite the devil to the convention altogether
knowing the whole system should collapse
Aliens vs. Predators duked it out in Victoria’s Secret, had the fans excited
Even in the desert there weren’t this many camel toes…
never seen anything on this planet like it
Immediately, they stopped attempting to slaughter one another
when I saw Lawless Lucy in the Ford
I’d almost remembered this story before…
she started moving towards the Suzuki’s in my horde
Picture the Invasion of the Body Snatchers -
as the vehicle when UN inspectors in Iran came to nuclear Accords
My legion’s viral. Cleaving spinals so my senior people can reach survival
the type to clean sweep you off the scene, beat you & concede your title.
I’m not even out to tease or spite you,
it’s just that even your parents don’t try and seem to like you
you’re a product of menstruation on the wheel of life,
please get off that bleeding cycle.
Master of fact, biters don’t even need to bite you…
they couldn’t take your talent cause you had none to begin with
like Space Jam aliens attending high school JV team recitals.
That gushing well of creativity that inhibits you is more physical than spiritual,
deliberate and literal as your innards begin to become visceral -
so if you can’t see me or catch my drift I’ll spew venom through occipitals.
Both a gentleman and criminal;
who’ll flee to Northern Manchuria if & when it gets political
So try reaching the skies w/ a needle steeped in your eye & razor bladed tongue
The bitch, is It in you? Think about it, gauge what Gatorade’s become.
Try singing ‘I Believe I Can Fly’ with your angel wings stapled to a stainless bunk
with a handful of rejection letters from the Wright Brothers' Aviation Fund
& these geeks from DC? I’ve been out to just perplex you
I’m a comic that’ll strip you of all your worth if the talent is a Dead Pool
Pardon me…it’s been a couple days since Liam Neeson confessed to Satan -
known to make A-Team succumb to the Rampage when drastic steps are Taken

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