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The black box Von Richthofens -
As with any have-nots or slack-jaws with marked dividends
A mask slot can turn your rash thoughts to calm diligence!
Bomb businesses but we're not in the business of bombs...
building a balm Biggums sniffs, a broad filament caulk
filled with De Gaulle's willingness - cinema songs filter in
"♪ mission to 'nam syndicate ♪" picture Incan Magogs stringing it
or Pinkleton's odd instrument, strumming it between his legs
Grimoire incubus
Kiss me or call Gilligan
Jebus Christ... we're lost in the laws - immigrants!
How I wonder, would a Faustian clause mend the rent?
Mental Mensa's limp forward from the stench of commensurates
Hit the deck - the situation just got ODESSA thick
Punk rock Persepolis - visors over eyes since sunspots perplex the kids
No matter if you connect with this
it's guaranteed to beat against the drum-skin of your raunchy meninges

Who picked the window seat with the Pope's undead face?
A confessional fitted with wings in an unkempt place
Our complex brain de-curtained -
slight chance of jive vapors so the winemakers might cut less grapes
Up and safe, air marshals and operatives
Oxycontin and olive twists - first class dinner date
The flight transponders were awfully talkative!
and worst case, if the right hand claws an inaugurate
The cockpit's corridor's monitored often
regardless of the box-cutters laundered in
Survive, tell, collide well using normal quotas
Amorphous sulfur contorts the motor
headed for an emergency landing in North Dakota
A turbulent circumvent to spill your toasted Folgers
Know thy coders - 'cause if we'd landed in Lichtenstein
The Mindsnappers roam there - we'd have abandoned the ship in time
Propagandize the system's ties, float the leaflets
Freefall into an abyss that discloses secrets

The common themes of sensuality in times of disaster:
sibling embraces, religious incantations, strident compassion
Striving for action as fuel depletes; subtleties form
putting in motion the synchronicity of bumblebee swarms
Aircraft's in mint condition - it's human error that isn't
Let's find a route to better predicaments...
Man's not inherently good in nature, but it's dapper, grand & glorious!
Everything is dandy in this cabin full of phobias
Lace your seatbelts, we're slated for wreck
The legend of the vortex cannot be communicated through texts

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