We Built Treehouses Out of Ash (feat. Adrian Cheatham)

Posted by Erik Moshe on Saturday, March 9, 2013 Under: Poetry

Building a treehouse out of the ashes
of our friendship
and all the broken limbs I've gathered from going out
and trusting you.
A normal person would use nails
but you've screwed me over so much
I think a Philips head will do just fine
constructing a facade
so you'll know what it's like to build up hope
only to have it destroyed!
Scattered, decom-proposed...
I rescind my opinion of you
as the cinders of this burnt pine glitter during freefall
down the hearth-wire thicket
of this Borneo rainforest complex;
because self doubt was always born in your mind,
a petrified child who couldn't climb, rarely walked
you clung to my good nature, hogged all its nutrients
stymied creativity
like a great forest death squadron of fiery excuses
A thirstier me would've carved our names into that trunk
but I've chosen to trade cheap fruits
for bitter acorns and the rough edges of new beginnings, earned
Meaningful exchanges as relationships wilt
we're in a haven, distilled
(becoming purified from all this hate and this silt)
I'm not thirsty for your love any longer.
No longer hungry for your kiss
The fruits of my labor tasted bitter

In : Poetry 

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