Tyrants have flaws too..

Posted by Erik Moshe on Saturday, August 11, 2012 Under: Rhymed Verses

Does effective leadership come from an assertive design?
“This one’s gonna be a president!”
The notion of superiority, it stands out as a perk in our mind
“Cause the grand counts land clout with the merchants of time”
An incomprehensible breed, with chemically sensitive needs
are leaders the ones who exemplify elite qualities, the wisdom to lead?
Balls to take charge, underlings willing to aid them in their integral spree?
Or are we just slaves to the dark ages of conditional greed?
(I ask of you, is it simple to see? Maybe not...)
Are they the ones who wear a necklace of human skulls, but do it in style?
To distract you from the fact that they’re actually just stooges who smile?
What if the leadership complex was an actual place?
A castle with actual gates while castes are filled with the acrid misplaced
faces cracked with disdain in the search for the chancellor niche
staring through eye patches of subservient passiveness
Too blind to find the hammer to burst the glass surface of Manchurian palaces
Leaders aren’t born when the stars align right or they hog the limelight
the cycle of the chess game begins when the pawns survive knights
Some men of power kneel in bunkers, drinking wine and eating supper
but the meal is tougher than it looks; his plate’s as full as a soldier’s
“The king thanks you for your sacrifices!“
boasts a plump Lionheart on a bulletin poster
Sultans in coiffeurs equipped with winter battlefield ear muffs
Their oil wells run so deep they clog tear ducts...
but Dick Cheney needn’t worry about it
Fur coat from a Burlington palace, Merlot in a gurgling chalice
The weight on their shoulders compounded in servant gold -
The burden allows it… immersed in the challenge
of power in absolution: the perfect imbalance
built on a system of flaws, checks & balances, insolent brawn
Singing the leadership song! took a swing to the jaw, neck paralysis
We willingly forfeit individual liberty: given to the monarchs
Who man the ship of ships, while we could’ve been building our own arks
We exist in a ditch governed by a Simpleton’s sonar
And in the midst of these old czars, I admit that it’s a custom
So this isn’t just an anecdote about political corruption...
this might be about our inner spiritual cognitive abduction
When authoritative figures are the alphas, omegas & such
Consider me the law abiding double agent waiting for talkin’ suits to slip up
Ever since childhood I’ve witnessed the carnage beyond the sip cups
as advertisements of martyred founding fathers came through marchin to assist us
Backed by empty promise lands & Disney channel campground myths,
Show me where the sand trout swim, and where the giant squids float
Show me the limp wrist of an oval office-man - the tyrant’s wrist broke
Disregard the prodigy positions -
It’s like monotony’s conscription's got us bottled in modern coliseum prisons
I shouted “Show us a little humanity!”
& was forwarded by Congress to a colony of midgets

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