To My Old Friend, Primal Instinct:

Posted by Erik Moshe on Wednesday, April 24, 2013 Under: Rhymed Verses

“Strong friendships seldom depend upon frequency of visits for their strength and meaning. While I have had too few occasions to be with you…..I draw deep strength and inspiration from our bond…”
Lyndon B. Johnson

"You’ve shown me so much patience so I’m paying respect
We’ve known each other since Ancient Sumer and Acadian texts
We used to bleed Mother Earth dry & drug her with Ritalin samples
Now I realize that I was just too aggressive for most women to handle
You were my protection from killers at dawn & thieves in the bare chill
Seeing as the concrete jungle’s full of demonic creatures you can’t kill
It’s formulaic - how we travel from place to place like nomadic herds
Even though we’re past the hunter-gatherer phase, iconoclasts submerge
We’re becoming too bionic, taciturn, elders cemented as lepers
Still cavemen… but with a mortifyingly dampened sense of adventure
A Benz and some dentures seems to be the prominent goal
Coming to terms with the cold world we live, marching to the opposite pole
Trying to comprehend that it’s useless to live through our columns & domes
My dear friend, you wouldn’t believe all the property rights loops I’ve had
Territorial disputes have me fighting to keep the roof intact!
In a war through paperwork and lawyers, clauses and fine print lines
My Sprint’s fine, but I sprint by through time shifts as tribes sip wine
Because even though we’re past the hunter-gatherer phase
we’re Sony Walkmen traipsing through a wasteland, its sunken caverns ablaze
The human spirit has become a trivial matter. An interchangeable shell.
Family units broken. We file “the strong survive” on Miscellaneous shelves
My cardiovascular strength isn’t even good enough to pace in this cell
I’m an indentured servant to bankers, it’s hell, but I’m thankful as well
…since this predicament has managed to put me back in touch with you
Maybe we can sit by the campfire and discuss life, smoke a dutch or two
To connect with you again as a companion would bring this compulsion down
It would be an understatement to tell you that my sanity’s been thrown about
I told them “Foreclose my house?!…I think you should close your mouth,”
Try to visualize the days I kill - living in the City of Piers
Comrade, I’m trying to pay my bills with the tip of an obsidian spear!

Too many deductibles to tax, corruption in the pacts, I’m gullible to attack
“Sign this please?“ Might as well yell a war cry as I cut them through the back
This is the Earth’s land, not the vicinity of some guy in a suit
Or a tyrant, a brute, who tries to reduce population while acquiring loot
I tried to compute, I was David pondering what Goliath would do
A biproduct of this barren environment…a stranger in an empire of coups.
I felt your presence envelop me in the form of a twitch, something in my face
Then representatives from “government” got bludgeoned with a mace!
This is class warfare at it‘s most primitive, books were banned from our kinships
Martin Luther King’s “Why We Can’t Wait…to be animalistic,”
Let’s consider the Kingdom of the Earth as lawless, and Avalon as mythical,
The Origin of Species converged on a thousand paths of Babylonic principle
What are we then, sir, hermetic Moors? Sympathetic, pure?
I’ll spill as much blood as necessary upon the steps to the Ziggurat of Ur
They say all of this civilized folly is mental…since the days of the reptiles.
They say society is becoming too gentle…I say we’re becoming gentiles
What say you?"

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