They built the pyramids..

Posted by Erik Moshe on Sunday, July 17, 2011 Under: Rhymed Verses

It was magic by moonlight, water upon rock
Civilized men cast sacred limestones that would foster the long ark
It was wind, sand, and Arabian knights, a radiant strife
Clay drenched hands stretched over our homosapien plight
War had failed to blow it to pieces, this consortium of ruinous sequence
It was I who brought them canteens of replenishing fluid from Eden
Deathdealing blocks of red granite, they caught us red handed
Thieving the golden tombs of pharaohs, that's the cost of dead bandits
Great gods of Thebes, where is your work ethic?
We break our backs trying to build - you conspire to spill blood as we work at it
The construction is another question among the vast confusion
And the answer to the theory lies between Nefertiri's legs -
So put your backs into it like you undertook the fascist movement
Our feet are feet of slaves rooted to the ground from which we stem in our movements
We must remember the blueprints of structure to pinpoint a better conclusion
Embrace the shephard Anubis, awaken the armies of Acolytes
Until each light bronze ray of dawn spawns in the afterlife -
Layer by layer, it arose from the dunes as a shawl to the masonites
Murder weapons fill a chamber strewn with turbans from the fertile crescent
Blessed be the infernal essence that clung to the top
Of Giza, as the sandy sails of ancient battleships were strung to the top
And zebras streaked the plains of Egypt's flagrant harbor
It was the mummification of humanity when the king of slaves became a martyr
Now marauders and camel riders march into the phantom silence
Created by enslaved natives, carvers of the paradises
I hallow the great triangle while many come to see it
Just keep in mind -
The pharaohs aren't the only ones buried underneath it

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