The Visitors

Posted by Erik Moshe on Friday, June 6, 2014 Under: Rhymed Verses

Neutrino nutmeg visible on his beak-beetle crust
features suggesting a less than supreme being musk
it bowed its head in the caramel chromium distillery
a custom of salutations through antipodean asymmetry
Psilocybin eyes, in-vitro stylized, rippling with breathing room
unpretentious yet calculated like a squid in a deep lagoon
three layers of suburban defensive layers extracted
left to cool in the xenophobic sun, bent on alien malice
getting lifted - minus the expensive aerial tactics
or the caffeine crash after pre-emptive, hasty reactions
Creole soup flowing anti-gravity like, in beaded loops
twelve hands on the analogs planting seeds of youth
amber weeds have bloomed, anesthesia's optional
The neutrality of its gaze makes this fantasy so possible
it meanders, dreamy, monochrome, analgesic wattage drone
manacles of sand fern candor, mandarin, a carnal glow
on the shoulders of the multiverse, manatee with collar bones
We can be family, without damaging with counter probes
aiming weapons - they resemble Precambrian kaleidoscopes
uncover signs of the times, calligraphy that speaks to you
termite jazz soundtrack: the symphonies unfeasible
Be succinct with p's and q's, spindles like a tree with roots
rid your hands of this data ocean's constraints
rinse them in the fleeting blue, don't slip into a scenester mood
children are the kindred sensing Nibiru's descended
blessed, peach in hue - even skeptics see the semblance
the Nepalese, Tibetans, Lebanese and Chechens
kneel in acquiescence to an aggressive being we can't mess with
Light years heavily set in, as they've exponentially known
by graphing arctic circles during endless treks to the poles
Diplomacy's gotta be prompt, deliberate, connected tentacle-domes
irises like mescaline, coals, peering into an exoskeleton soul network
explore depths of old ventures, let new accords surface
Lest they deem us teeming human hordes worthless
hospitality: the forefront, offer splendid metal salvaging's
accommodate the locust-folk in presidential palace wings
Be warned, this must be tactfully administered at dawn
or else you'll aggravate the passengers on ships of buggish bronze
the first moments are crucial, communicate with confident luster
and don't leave it up to planetary lottery numbers
Keep almanacs at the ready, alert holistic leaders
because our visitors may be as loyal as evil golden retrievers

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