Terrain of Canaan; Philosopher's Gold

Posted by Erik Moshe on Sunday, August 21, 2011 Under: Poetry

Terrain of Canaan; Philosopher's Gold

The philosopher stone’s
transmutation into gold
began when
librarians in Ithaca
were the chosen scholars
assigned to the documentation
of Odysseus & company’s adventures;
to harbours of the dead
dockyard lanyards hoisted atop

fastened to
the saddled backs of wiry sea spiders
kept stationary by crustaceous commoners

Making love to the prospect of deep thought
at the bottom of the ocean
in an orgy where its natural to walk away with crabs
long have men of the mind’s alchemy
traded Descartes for cartels
banished medicine men
to the Somalian shallows to scrub
the mines of their diamond thorn dust
Where they inhale more
than they’re told they are worth

What is it about geology
that spawns bloodlust
and ambition?
Are stones truly precious

when you are alone in the trenches?
or do they represent men
who built monuments from stone
who smith the legend of their lives in stone
through investments in mining
the vital extraction of the human ore
but what of the golden hunk of bronzed molasses
and honeyed oat clusters serenaded
with the bitter juices of the greater addendum
which is
The brain?

I wish to reach concord
with these hands
to spread commerce
through the council halls
turn those principles and morals
into sapphiric pools, royal blue spores
in a world populated
by mineral dependent cro-magnon lunatics
straws poised by the shorelines
Consuming without error
funneling the souls of fallen Edens

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