What if Ichabod Crane cried wolf, while the headless horseman adopted a toupee?

Posted by Erik Moshe on Sunday, March 4, 2012 Under: Poetry

What if Ichabod Crane cried wolf, while the headless horseman adopted a toupee?

Skin, pale,

throat churning deer blood

Petrified fur, demeanor of a white wolf
slowly transfigures into Unspeakable Thing

What were once storybook nothings
settle into piles of innocent wool
snow-pressed rows of skulls play chess
watch caps still on their heads
red riding frozen fleece
through tyrannical passages
the tails of their newly anointed ‘souls’
flailing like three little piglets

on a cannibal farm

wearing schoolgirl outfits
while Betelgeuse watches

What if your precious policemen faded
would it be called anarchy

when men refused their posts
at grocery stores and town halls,

post offices,
or patrolling at children's parks
Kreuger-lites, Canaanites, no flashlights
pitchers of toxic water - not pitchforks
faces like flame
glaring oppressive
the rearing eyes of society’s death wish

What if the order of chaos
brought us back to prehistory?

Caravan tribes
matchsticks, farmland, barbarisms

Carnal wisdom

would you hug your luxury coat closely
for warmth, for security

For fear of the black wraith known as


count your coffee mugs full of blood, dirt
fatigue - the innumerable dose

of spirit caffeine

When you feel

Both sleepy, and hollow
when you wake up to hordes of thousands
carrying torches and burnt birth certificates
a lake of nightmare fluids
Will you choose to keep sleeping?

Or will you brave the cold tiles of the kitchen pantry

chin down, 

walking straight toward an undead Jabberwocky

with a Corinthian flagpole & a hot temper

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