The Tale of the Tiger & The VHS Player

Posted by Erik Moshe on Thursday, September 13, 2012 Under: Rhymed Verses

"The Tale of the Tiger & The VHS Player"

Wherever and whatever the case - the setting is high
The day a tiger happens upon a discarded VHS and decides
To invest in the time to scavenge hiker’s trails
No need for sharp pelican eyes or wretched Nightingales
To spot the black surface of the VHS player that it swiped with nails
More metal and less steak, chrome embryo but square shaped
On a trash heap stacked creek - home video cassette tapes
The tiger saw a glimmer from within, a promising reflection
A creature known for being modestly receptive, it felt curiosity-infected
The desert was a glistening tar pit, mirages rich on the market
Marauder sniffing the corpse of an obsolete mechanical beast
As soon as you pressed play on either breed the havoc released
Record your past time marvels, socialize with the omnivores
Nostalgia at it’s roots is a soul comprised of electronic cords

Stop, take a breather.
Casually pad around the canyon heights
To the sound of 80’s action movie music by candlelight, am I right?
As a nature preserve resident - scattered gray in his fur
still young enough to let out a godly roar that’d have an atheist stirred
the terrain an idiom nest - under the weather, Chilean steppe
Migrated from South Brazil with the intent to strain our simian necks
No man expected the opposite of Shere Kahn! Listen to this synopsis
People knew it as a vicious predator that took limbs for hostage
The tiger had an itch for knowledge, collected Atari joysticks -
Though the damn things never turned up installed with a cartridge
Struggling with the tape around it’s teeth made it a bit exhausted
Its nostrils flitting from the scents of rotten fish and pigeon carcass
The span of tension broadened when it realized it’s position:
Suffocating at the edge of the cliff, collapsed into the fetal
It was a digital video disk, silver & shiny in all it’s blasphemy & evil
A VHS/DVD player in one machine?! This was too much, it paced
DVDs have ensnared this pungent race - it desecrates my hunting strait
If you see Mowgli or Baloo…tell them I’ll punch em’ in their fuckin’ face
Or if you spot a wild animal by a landfill, prepare to resuscitate just incase

The scene that followed was cinematic but silent,
as the tiger lost balance and tumbled down from the upper region,
it‘s eyes spinning the roll of film that played a multicolored sequence…
it’s mouth foaming peroxide and lime turpentine, letting out a valiant cry
All in high definition,
graphic precision
cascading down the mountainside

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