The spotlight's on you, Underachievers

Posted by Erik Moshe on Sunday, August 19, 2012 Under: Rhymed Verses

"We all have wings, but they have not been of any avail to us and if we could tear them off, we would do so."
Franz Kafka

“The spotlight’s on you, underachievers,”
Announced the curator, “for not being able to stomach the fever”
The glass will always be half full when your self needs are bottomlesss
And unleaded brain fuel whets your jet streams of consciousness
There’s nothing wrong with setting left field accomplishments
Thinking outside the black box and going airborne
So if you were expecting a valedictorian pictorial in an ardent tone
leave your expectations at the door with your pet peeves & garden gnomes
It’s the flight of the valkryies, the plight of your motivational speeches
Golden ages depleted by human solace paved through indecency
Let’s praise the maker for greeting me; with eternal life absorbance
God created the Earth in seven days, a rather workmanlike performance
I had a code of work ethics taped to my wall, but as I slept it deteriorated
Did I rebuild it with firmer mortar, scotch tape? No, I just got irritated
Did I turn my humble watchtowers and guard posts towards kingdom come?
No, I sat at the bar slightly on guard, tipsy, wonderin where my drink was from
I constructed Potemkin villages and clung to delusions of greatness
My tongue is intrusive and hated; I’m numb to the improvement of basics
My whole image had become a façade, flawed, a cue to the matrix
I moved through a safe stint, never taking risks so I burnt at the roots
In the forest of guillotine tree spirits, delirious, I took the alternative route
My instincts hollowed out, a pale semblance of what I was taught as a child
By foster parents - honest, genial, passing wisdom with wrinkled endowment
Telling me to aviate through sandstorms at all costs; paradise is out there
Their amicable council quickly aroused: “it’s just that the unthinkable clouds it,
…when fighting the Cold War between doing something & thinking about it”
Think about it, but in a meaningful way before you call for better days…
Cause when I cut my wings,
I miscalculated the height of the fall from heaven’s grace
Yours truly, Icarus

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