The Secrecy of Smuggling Killer Whales Across the Border (feat. jube jube)

Posted by Erik Moshe on Monday, February 4, 2013 Under: Poetry

The conspiracy begins…
Adolescence is the essence to the driver
Across that thin line is freedomized seal carcasses
Into the realm of Vatican wish wash
Wish bone wrapped in elephantine hides of African tribes,
Tinted from M. Carbine fluid exchanges
In the middle of a marketing campaign, it drops
The eye of seaworld in a black and white body form tell all,
Leave it at that

Snug neatly,
I hear a whopping knock
The immigration service hiking on a table with cheese
Cruising the withered blubber for pus, purses, and pussy
Cop stops you, what do you say?
I’m drunk, but what’s in my drunken trunk is even worse
Wrapped in a pumpkin cloth, Christmas embroiderment
Atop the trump tower, sauteed dolphin eggs, hum!
Better make sure to boil the dancing lobsters
All that and a bag of necrophilian caviar
Snatch steal, but let’s not make it like an action reel
I’ll show you how a rat feels in a dust tornado
and you’ll know… in the end,
THE MEN IN BLACK will visit your door.

In : Poetry 

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