The Ringbearer of Osanja

Posted by Erik Moshe on Sunday, July 17, 2011 Under: Rhymed Verses

From the deserts of Gobi to the snow mountains of Siberia...
Wayne Gretsky's eyes ripe with a pained hunger - he slices his blades under
The ice of a gray tundra and in between slopes reminiscing the life of a blade runner
Out in the middle of nowhere, the decision was sinister; he's a little bit nervous
Wondering if the cynical version of God led him here to perform some ritual service
"This hologram is strange... I've followed the contour lines and individual circuits..
and in my mind, body and soul projection, I've felt a definitive current...
- in infinite search of this crystal image of purpose."
But briefly, back to what triggered this mission's emergence...
Some time ago within the Gretsky's cozy Chicago residence
His championship ring started to glow and he slipped into a trance that had no precedence
Next split second, flat-nosed specimen - the peak of a magnificent mount
Two local Siberian guides lead the trek, headed by a timberwolf's glistening snout
If only they knew what this winter trip was about -
"It's frigid and now... we're just about at the tip of the clouds"
But a cold silence was the answer from Wayne, who reigned assists
The ring, still glowing, an ancient cyst of forsaken myth caused his brain to tense
He raised his fist in the wake of this universal mage of mist -
Another split second - two guides and wolf dissolve
"I'm sorry it came to this, Gretsky, but now you may meet your maker's twin.."
"I am Osan-ja," said a soulful voice as Wayne tried to process or think
As he looked onto the head of Nelson Mandela perched atop the summit with the body of a sphinx -
"What the f---Nelson Mandela?" he sputtered aloud as he questioned this oddity
It answered:
"I am an alien projected forth through human politics, archaeology and Egyptian mythology
But to the point at hand, particularly the sacred portals of valence
I am the all seeing source of your talents -
Return them to me now, in peace, or I'll be forced to gorge you with talons.."
Wayne took a deep breath and obliged, bidding farewell to his legacy, wealth and fame
Returning his supernatural ability to the iridescent sphere from whence it came...

* * * * * *

Meanwhile, on the other side of the Earth, Michael Jordan's ring starts to illuminate...

"There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered."
- Nelson Mandela

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