The one that got away

Posted by Erik Moshe on Saturday, September 15, 2012 Under: Poetry

The door closed the door
That the Doors foreclosed
D.B. Cooper closure
Samurai in the field finality
Water from the faucet

Squirms it’s way out from underneath the palm of justice,
it does tend to hide from visionary flashlight systems.

Paper planes dovetail towards a windy forest
as arrest warrants flap in congeniality
'cause illegal mind warfare reaps a steady profit
from the scapegoat kingdom.

The ones that get free are the ones that pay their dues,
the semicolon choir; the last temptation knights.
Before their sentence ends,
they’ll die by the way of the sword,
not the injection.

Time spent away from the pen
Prevents execution of fraud
So it’s only right that I leave
Kurt Cobain’s suicide note here
and hope you don’t notice the watermarks
the prosecution of droplets of truth
resumes after lunch

In : Poetry 

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