The Mozambique Gardens (feat. jube jube)

Posted by Erik Moshe on Monday, February 4, 2013 Under: Poetry

Darfur, the land of turban swans
Flight is one in one thousand food rations
Victoria’s got a secret behind her veiled gardenias
Life spent in African slums is equal to that of a day
in the lemon fields, in the plantations
Carrying the dead from the desert plateau to the next
One who has the ability to wield a continental water hose
Distributing machine guns and plantain trees
providing moisture for the garden of Eden
to all the children of Mozambique
Those individuals are the keys to the palm tree dome
Mangrove expanses prevent the wave from hitting
But what if the mango fruit has long been a spherical
orange object of modern day ash? The war lives

The marines
Phillipine island pineapple baskets provide nourishment
for the nomads, the citrus racing on in their veins
Babylonian architecture coupled with the Egyptian pyramids.
Open the gates to the waterway, they say
May I help you, O, ruinous sir?
However, outside the utopia lies
The elephant graveyard aged and thriving
The next crocodile hunter is born again
Into a loincloth at the hands of a savage
Stare up at the night sky, and let your thoughts and feelings
Merge into one… imagination becomes reality

Uganda’s swamps are sights to behold
Tongues chattering and insect scavengers strip the canopies
Another flag created
Another flag torn down
The emancipation rises
Gangs roam the schoolgrounds, and these burnt tire farmlands
are miles of rhinocerous skin salted by sea salt
But who’d have known that the sacrificial lamb had beneficiality?
River deltas won’t last too long
Connections with the incoming streams of blood, oil, and tornado watch reports.

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