The Moon Also Rises

Posted by Erik Moshe on Friday, April 13, 2012 Under: Rhymed Verses



Godbody was the name of the carnage that loomed in our wake
Earth collided at the dawn of the omega and the moon was agape
Men spared no lucid constraints to colonize an outpost enroute to the plains
The blood of our descendants burned blue in our veins -
Universal councilmen tried to burrow deeper but they knew it was vain
All was still on the moonscape, no fluid to move the terrain
We were purposely immersed in earthen breed contaminents -
There were once apocalyptic visions of burning trees and manakens
Cannibal oxen herd in fields of amethyst, it's more than science fiction
Space visionaries were stumped after scores had tried to fix it
So NASA came up with a plan to deplore a higher mission
It takes the premature death of a star to mark a new beginning
Unseen beyond darkened skies that guard the truth's revealance
We led our planet to destruction, couldn't harness room for reason
Muslims pray to Allah - the Amish root for Jesus
As the tarnished harvest bloomed within the garden tombs of Venus
The sun's miniscule shards of noon revealed the silver silken monacle
A godless, fruitless heathen -
An astronaut stood upon the moonrock as the scarlet hues receded

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