The Monolith

Posted by Erik Moshe on Friday, April 13, 2012 Under: Rhymed Verses



"Mark your constellation grids, calendars, emancipation scorecards
We're approaching the North Star"

The brotherhood, the mothership.
The nebulus cumulus clouds stretching over the land of the coveted
On tornado watch, the guard tower, in it's galaxical central silence
Providing the living populations with a form of monumental guidance
Above the span of war zone it waits, in morning haze
By the EARTHDOME where the fallen machines once swarmed the gate
Biomega hovercraft winged being, gaseous air quality as it hovers past
The soldier's observe as the dust cloud arises from the Hubble crash
An assailant's peak is nothing, that's why we reach for something
All survivors bear witness to the D-Day beach construction
Still standing amongst the cycle of street corruption
The array of innovaters seeking purification from the sins of labor
When's the last time the cyber seed grew from it's own inner layer?
When the apocalyptic date arrives -
And it's the end of the place that you proclaim home
Earth in it's foam based dome, where the cold vein flows
Dead mangrove forests and mango groves - you should have clinged to those
We're all drawn to the tower, drawn to it's power that drones at the wake
The nuclei ashen leaf that wilters from the core of the flower
Virus seagulls soar over the dome at the gates, the clones awaken
Follow the transient branches as guidance to be alone in this state
Remember the gloom, the undead breadth of the moon
The system of crater facades connected by membranous tubes
Swords of virtuoso glowing as the beings enter the DATA CORE Element Dune
When you've been to the jungle, seen the rainforest
Reached the forsaken border and breached the main quarters
Recognized the forces, of the empire, of the monolith.
Winter front arrival into the outland's coast channel
The unknowing morning light shed unto the Titan oak panels
Cubism is dead to the signaling leviathan of sunset
Cubism is undead, released into the magnetite environment with one breath
The elemental tower location with the chosen trisodium carbonate
Learn that power is nothing to the behemoths of Cyclopean origin
The time of humanity's beast marks the end of the artist
One who leads the sentries of carcass onto the battlefield
Eagle fighter units fire unto the sentinel starships
Breathe through the mist and see through the prism
Move towards the truth and exist in peace through a vision

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