The mind controls us all

Posted by Erik Moshe on Tuesday, June 26, 2012 Under: Rhymed Verses

The mind controls us all.

His heartstrings were ripped, torn, in split forms
Holographic image of his beating organ on screen, obscene like nymph porn
The monitor hummed a faint melody, electrode currents, wrist chords
Brooklyn bridge born - pestered by emerging lip sores
They felt similar to barbs around a bush that inflict thorns
Meanwhile, in subversion observing were determined, rich lords
who’d reigned since German blitz-wars, demons leaving millions in shambles
Doctors were in another room debating, illuminated by a ceiling of candles
To his perceptions he felt like their reception was in dealing with vandals
In the hollow of his bed, drugged, sipping some Campbell’s chicken cilantro
This is despicable…can’t eat this, no,” he objects, & hands the bowl of soup to the nurse
She always intruded on his turf, and so a mental collusion had birthed
His heart’s temperature grew to a burst, abusing his lung’s futile fluid reserves
Picked up a remote control and started cruising the ocean of channels…
“Beautiful. Works.”
The pain in his chest was reminiscent of a fetus in the uterus, purged
doused with the fumes in a church of the Lucifer clergy, jars of mucus and earth
Surging with internal commuters relaying messages, files, through jettisoned aisles
That progressed from his eyeholes to his receptors infected with bile -
Laced with hypnotic frequencies as deceiving in preface as a president’s smile;
he flipped from evangelical recitals to American Idol,
then the History Channel - he took a long drought from his medicine vial
“CIA channel? What could that be?” he thought, then started seizing up
Considering that he’d happened upon a top secret series of multimedia
The TV Guide read “CLASSIFIED FOOTAGE” but curiosity would overtake
He watched programs about global states, dialogues concerning Watergate that’d culminate
-- into bureaucracies composed of fake democracy, a mockery of bold distaste
Remember that every man, woman and child from South Carolina” barked the rosy face
“awakens to a freer, safer world…“ eyes wide, possessed by a soul of flame
“because of George Bush…” he sat with mouth agape, disturbed by the creep factor
With each capture, the sequence repeated backwards, his heart started to beat faster
He’d Yale for help, for assistance! His skull was consumed by the essence of a dream
He sunk back into his pillow, eyes glued to this sorcery of the skeleton regime…
Must… resist… this fucking bitch…
Nobody will believe me yet
His brain defiantly announced as he began to crawl from his bed to the TV set
Her eyes… oh god, her eyes look like they’re ready to devour something
In desperation, his fingers stretched outwards for the power button
Was this the old witch that had Kennedy zapped? Where’s the US assembly at?
---- POWER OFF ----
He collapsed onto the hospital room floor, his energy sapped
His life had almost slipped away from a deadly attack
The man began to slowly recover from a memory lapse
He’d been blessed with divine knowledge! A medley of facts
Suddenly struck by a brilliant thought: I should vote for George Bush.

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