The Meaning of Life

Posted by Erik Moshe on Saturday, August 25, 2012 Under: Rhymed Verses

The giant squid ascended from the deep with it’s focus on a man
Leaping upwards from the ocean floor like a locust from the sand
“The human’s magnum opus is a sham. They lack the visual memories
The individual dexterity to live in supremacy
Their brain’s hemispherical nature severely limits telepathy
Intelligent beings other than themselves? Far from fictional entities
We’ll charge the isthmus, Peloponnese bridges with propositions delectably
dislodging positions of fishing missions, the modern genesis, secondly
Electric sapphire blue body, but the core of our eyes are insidious ebony
To our knowledge, a certain “Jules Verne” gave us monolithic celebrity
But never mentioned our most vengeful weapon: logarithmic hegemony
Your defense mechanism is war: mimicking simple complexities
From our underwater forest lair, we fare in horrendous fidelity
Colossal mollusc detoxing Molochs in the frost moskstraumen
The balls to box with the Nautilus & give lockjaw to Loch Nesses
This Lovecraftian waltz marks the end of churches & synogogues
- covers sodden mosques in mosses. Religion’s coat of armor malted
with the texture of rotting frog skin, legends demolished, fallen
As our outreaching tentacles seem oblong in the darkest province
phosphorescent pearl scepters lead the swarming drunkards - envision this
To a cephalopod king, there’s always room in the stomach for bigger fish
“But now I’d like to introduce you to...the substance of what existence is.”
This is your role: Rather than take a ratchet to our statocysts
We hope that your growth rings true, judging by the stature of your statoliths
Though saltwater masochism is frowned upon, your cannabis is gold
I’ll assume the form of a highly advanced analyst, composed
To try and figure out what it means to be human. Assailants to the bone.
The ocean’s still FULL of undiscovered species and Atlantis is a hoax!
And with that said, the giant squid rammed into a sailor’s fishing boat
A licensed tailor and the caretaker of a morgue - luck of the draw?
The squid surfaced, erupted & roared, the man buckled at the cusp of it’s jaws
Incapable of words to describe this sight - but there was something in store
The squid spoke in a water-hummed frequency: “Greetings, pleased to meet,”
“What I am about to tell you probably further confirm your belief in me”
I am representing the Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni species -
Don’t worry, we roam the lowest leagues in peace. Creatures of habit.
We ask small demands from the flocks of man, though our legion is massive
We need more human carcasses… bury them at sea, let them fall to us
The giant squid’s bioluminescent “face” became solemn with an honest touch
“Many of us have passed onto the next world, so in exchange for this deal…
We won’t start invading your piers. We’ll reveal the meaning of life, in 800 years
So you too can discover what makes the vast abyss immaculate
Nowhere else in the universe will you find truth enacted from a Kraken’s lips
or hear it recounted from captives on a battleship who claim they witnessed it
Not when it’s given to citizens of this planet in civil willingness
Dump bodies in the ocean more often. Let the dark currents claim them
Or eternally be victims to lost information... on the Earth’s abandoned terra
Solely concerned with your holy sojourns and your land endeavors…”
The man couldn’t stand to measure what he’d heard, pale & weltered
headed back to the shore to his morgue, began to rub his hands together.

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Topic used: "If the whole universe has no meaning, we should never have found out that it has no meaning"

In : Rhymed Verses 

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