The Legend of Pavlock Olivander

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"The Legend of Pavlock Olivander"

Pavlock Olivander had a vitruvian soul - so intuitive, whole
Whose sole pursuit was the crude; yet the task of tapping black gold eluded him so
He’d searched the dry, sodden earth with the help of his prized moniker
On his hands and knees for days at a time with sizeable seismometers
But by god, the work was useless and discouragement started taking it’s toll
He believed his patience would make his piggybank overflow -
And it was hot as Satan in the mines, so he decided to start breaking the mold
A year later he found renewed faith in a hole, monitored this local harbor closely
But when he decided to drill there with his partner Mark Ginobli, the bog had gargled water mostly
He turned to sacrament, as if faith could raise his luck and bring good fortune back to him
Some days he felt hopeful - other days he’d wish the barber cut his throat on accident
“I’ll keep hunting for oil!” he spattered, adamant he’d take another stab at it
But again, golden opportunities retracted as soon as he made a passionate grab for it
Settling down in a small town in Oklahoma, he married a woman named Giselle
She loved him dearly for who he was - she secretly knew he wasn’t chosen for wealth
Her eyes were dark black pools... they reminded him of petroleum wells
Three children and a decade later, his old friend Ginobli came by with a great suggestion
Which led to Pavlock moving with his family to Pennsylvania in continuation of this fatal legend
They found a great depression in the land there - then they were interrupted by the Great Depression
His friend Ginobli went broke, and when the chance to drill came he faded away, in essence
“What more can be done…” he thought, considering retirement
Commiserate from his existence in this limited environment, drowning in pits of liquid hydrogen
It was like asking a dead moon for the sun to rise again, his eyes focused on the Benjamin targets
He had everything - a family and a good home, yet there was something he had yet to accomplish
Bad Luck reigned once more, as Good Fortune had him befriended with it’s deceptive accomplice
Giselle was fed up with his failed business excavations so she left with the kids
When he didn’t meet up with her in Mississippi, his absence ultimately led to their eventual split
As always, red dementia persists, and cataracts formed around his eyes with age
The tragedy of the life of Pavlock Olivander entering it’s final stage
An old man now, he laid in his bed on a rainy night, asleep in what might’ve been a coma
So deep of a sleep that his nose couldn’t detect the slightest of aromas
Lightning had struck his rooftop! A spark that turned to an orange roar in a torrent
Pavlock was cordially snoring as his house lit up in an inferno of flames of diabolic proportion
But the tragedy of this story wasn’t his death - the real truth just adds to the misery
Authorities later discovered his house was located above the largest oil reservoir in history…


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