The Journey to the Center of the Urge

Posted by Erik Moshe on Monday, January 6, 2014 Under: Rhymed Verses

A knight named Orion wields a sword with a neutered tip
pulled from a stone forged by a feudalist
He composed poems that became known through Neruda's lips
A disingenuous stream of conscious soluble bottling fluids
The core of a uterus as hollowed out as normal seclusion is
A spore in its uselessness is at war with the eucalypts
Symbiotic foreigners muse, transfixed on a transformative mutant cyst
both fascinated yet vacillated by how our mortal corridors stoop and bend
Salute, extend their barrels, hearing roars from a ruger's lid
Oral quarrels borne from reddened Orvilles torn from the Reuter's list
Menacing forces produce the drift - from energy vortices to crucifix
semi-oracles use the hint that half life isn't impossible -
nor is it ludicrous when you're on an orbital route to Styx
getting separate endorsements for dismembering corpses
no matter how tempting the sorceress or her tempestuous auspices
Why's my block against your block? This game of Tetris is borderless
Ancient zeppelins ought to drift by the same electrical water grids
embrace the mantle of your inner sanctums: death to the lawlessness

Pitot tubes necessary for breathing
Code of Hammurabi table of contents necessary for burning
What's necessary for being? A good suggestion is learning
to exorcise the occupancy of demons - the crook of Sneffels adjourning
Genetics Vonnegut-dated, yet Verne actuated
interned for master masons somewhere on an inert, captured basin
drilling for the meaning of life with a well versed cast of patrons

Exiled to Titan for being a too-tightened screw
Genderless martians crept through the mosses of a blue-lichened moon
accompanied only by the sound of the Foo Fighter's tunes

A towering vision, a Taoist admission
replete with Vipassanna towels and ribbons
yet reminiscent of Howl's Moving Castle conditions
if a lack of oxygen was reason enough for Calcifer's dimming
Why does passion diminish?
There's nothing as devout as a sentence
NASA didn't build a space ship called "You."
They didn't put it out of commission
The planet doesn't rotate because it's part of a modeling agency
It spins to generate a searchlight capable of scouting for vacancy
Cumulus clouds cruise at safest speeds for hours, debatably
Announcement to sacred seas: The age of bountiful rain proceeds

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