the Immortalization of the Ruthless One

Posted by Erik Moshe on Monday, January 7, 2013 Under: Rhymed Verses

I stare at the faces and formulate theories as to why they should be revered
could see it scenic, clear, a 1970’s street veneer
where a dark legionnaire separated great clouds of thought when breedin stares
Is he vocally incapable? Is he hearing impaired?
it was the year of the mythical bear. The fear he’d ensnare, left a tedious share
We’d remember his soul for the epic soundbytes… not the ears he would tear
the thunder of his punches were Dresden down-sized, in 18th century lair
dodging incoming bats at Dracula’s castle, barely even cared
Dr. Steel Fist'd probably crumble from metal-knuckles like a bicentennial fair
He’d had twenty of em… lust assumed the form
not that he loved to spoon with whores, it’s just he hunted loose amours
Never clung to sunken rooted norms, because they sunk. It’s true. Conformed.
In boxing rings they’d send him supple bodies; he'd send hundreds to the morgue
before you knew it, after all the fame, success, estranged duress
Cognitively and spiritually, he’d forgotten where a couple screws were stored
facilitation of numerals became rehabilitation for futile bull
The way he slipped punches with concussive head movement -
infiltration was beautiful, scintillating yet brutal,
The triggering of the fullest penetration of human wool yet seen
and yet he, felt the tangerine farm he’d grown had proven to be more bitter-tasting than usual
Kids from New York never won no lottos, just the slums of Rosco
happiness was some rum from Costco’s, that oughta make a muchacho numb to cops roaming
the pungent grottos, the dusty machines puffin like blunts through boroughs
that’s when he sought counsel with a used car salesman - custom auto
also known as Cus D’amato, an Obi-Won Kanobi of his time I guess
Master of the mind eye stress back when Mike didn’t feel Allah drenched
Otherworldly. Who knew what the age of flying objects would bring?
He made fans of historians like a philosopher king
inarguably a more powerful specimen than anything Sodom could sling
A great and terrible plague at making you unconsciously think -

Aggrandize the warrior, can’t devise a courier willing
enough to accomplish what’s been set before him
Instilling within him a sense of incorrigible ability to throw hands
to become the short, stocky, ill-tempered version of Conan
neglected orphan, with a physique of well connected organs
A fireplug mystique headed for metamorphosis;
The prognosis was one of what Thor would list
until a dawned king came crawling from a horrid mist

funny how a troubled kid
becomes the embodiment of what immortal is

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