The Humans, the Birds and the Bees...

Posted by Erik Moshe on Sunday, July 1, 2012 Under: Rhymed Verses

The humans, the birds and the bees...

Realize the hive mind’s identity crisis -
This is a Sparta overrun by the plague, it depressed Leonidas
Hessian fly pits, measuring depth perception by death and it’s silence
You’ll wish you hadn’t been born, you Papa New Guinea pigs
You’ll damage your corneas looking for the beams of the gleaming truth
Region of beetle juice, Petri dish species as green as mosquito gloop
Now that’s a freedom coup, blessed and receptive to plunge -
Into exoskeleton dung, the never-ending dredge through intestinal scrum
Had a dirty upbringing, got no boost from the ruthless lineage
Broken home, stepping on anthills, boot-resistant
The hairs on your neck standing up like baboon dandruff supervision
The cockroaches you killed in self defense: seems deliberate
Why market yourself as a genocidal poster boy while touring in flea Olympus?
It’s at least intended, in the invigorating summer breeze, anticipate discovery
These defecating bumblebees appendix spray and lunge at me
White on white crime, albino moth arson with scintillating subtlety
Hovering larvae and amber moths with ovarian cysts
Brooding maggot regimes dispatching streams that gleam over armored barbarian bridge
The human soul is hardly Dartanion rich - man in the iron mosquito mask
Army carpenter’s induction to Semper Fi, barnyard harvester’s illustrious stimuli
March from the paprika bunkers under the summit of pepper skies
“For the sins you’ve committed, justice is pesticide -
Evil is a numbingly reddish, thunderous essonite
blunderbuss from each unsung tongue which needs to be punished & rectified
To ensure that each equally valuable earth-life substance is set aside
Insectoids have rights too, one day we’ll all see microorganisms dominate
That’s why they model their societies after termites, overpopulate, overcompensate
It’s time to dethrone the walking apes and banish them to glossaries
The race that’s regarded as a bottom feeder in netherworlds steeped in parasitic colonies
If it’s embarrassing, don’t talk to me, diplomat of the preying mantis regime
Statesman of cannibal trees - your heart is placed where the basin contaminants breed
An aging man that’s deceased after a pancreatic disease
…could NEVER say the DAMN’DEST to me.
A squire leech emerges from weeds: “We could try preserving the beasts.
We’re not so different from one another after all… except for the trials of biodiversity.
The season is nigh and the serpents are surfing the green ports
We’re nightmare catchers, dream lords, from the ground to the seafloor -
Slightly more respectful co-existential creatures revolving around the heat source”
A dreaded union, the dead festooning -
The insect race declared this antiseptic epileptic ruin of people a heathen
“They could never meet the multi-puritan guidelines of heaven’s rulings
Humans don’t resurrect as insects.
If insects go to hell, then they resurrect as humans.”

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