The Forever Mill

Posted by Erik Moshe on Tuesday, January 20, 2015 Under: Rhymed Verses

The 24 hour fitness center was as unoccupied as it gets
Doors shut, windows boarded, the wind damaged sign was a mess
The gym was empty, save for a lone woman inside it
Looked like the world took crazy pills - doctors couldn't prescribe it
Fallout had civilization sprawled out
without this place, I highly doubt that she would've survived it
A facility defunct if not for its partly operable base
With a handful of generators and recycling systems locked into place
An ex-marathon runner, Susan used to love coming here, an anonymous face
before that fateful day radio signals jammed & grounds started to quake
To her, it was a moratorium to collect bearings, and lift moderate weights
To improve upon her obstinate pace - the treadmill was great
It cushioned her strides and helped her when the weather was gray
Now the weather was grave;
Managed to be optimistic though mankind was reduced to smithereens
Moving one foot in front of the other, keeping it going instinctively
For all of those enemies of humanity, "Good riddance like the Smith Machine"
but it seems Susan can't awaken from this terrible dream
I don't know if her situation could offer a plot or an intelligent meme
The most exciting thing that happened was on the treadmill!
She fell to her knees, and did a backflip in her pajama briefs
At least she ventured to sleep somewhat happy...
A nightly snack of a protein beverage, some Jello and beans
The silence in the gym was eerie, yet it offered her the essence of peace
It's a shame the destructive ways of the world didn't work out
because now her entire world was to work out -
Stationary bikes sat unused, inorganic during morning commutes
On the gym TV, a repeat recording of the daily forecast kept her warmly aloof
deep down, she knew it wasn't a blue sky, the weather men were already noosed
Outside, each radioactive super-storm raindrop served as more than just proof
A grisly reminder that within these walls, she'd scourged all her youth
Eyes vacant, in timeless dilation, isolated, on hiatus
Running on continuous treadmills leading to nowhere but her mind's spaces

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