The Flying Papyrus Moniker & The Cydonian Lighthouse (feat. Orc)

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"Will humankind only be satisfied when journeys into space become readily available and affordable?" 
- Jules Verne

Sworn to protect it..
The helm stops. Men drop through the Sand formed by Hugh the Hand,
The truth of man fell as the Lord of The Nexus withdrew his plans..
In a cell block on Hellrock. Trapped in a mad den scribes a tunic'd man,
The Deadclock ticks as he moves his hands -
His boredom perplexes. Still, The tools of the Stupid stand.
Ocean water revokes the border, there's no provoking quarter
''Focus hoarder -
Golden Fleeces have been blown to pieces by those who broke the order''.
Totin' slaughter. Hips hung with skull-crackers, gun-smashers & smokin' mortar.
Withold the Ship, both old & stiff, jagged and torn by the spectacular storm..
The value of Thorns as black as the morn. It lies cold in the dark -
Chest broken, swept open - riches like Rome is a start!
Petroleum scars in the Gold of Jafars wrecked opel bright opening Star
Sweat soakin, Necks choking
- Ale spills upon a pale Prince of Cydonian Garb,
His scabbards is drawn, damage is born. Light ran thru them all..
Rhinestone IS his heart - thus Excalibur calls deep in Insanitys halls.
To rule the nation, one must own Illumination,
The rules of Patience - closely follow the steps of those hollow in chest.
Times as dark as the carcass of dogs part of the smog a Second Apocalypse left,
Now males born in Rainfall Napalm fight storms that they met,
The Moon owes no comfort, only THIS House the God Apollo has blessed.
Liar & Brimstone - there are no herbs or no hay in this urban decay!
Desire is sent for.. The fire in men stalls as the Myrmidon play
Neighboring Stockholm is quaking with rocks thrown by Chiron the Centaur
No sleight of hand is the plight of man. Try admire the spent force!
... I'll be damned - the flying papyrus has meant all.
The fortress has wings, the court of black kings contracted dionysus
Maimonedes dwelled there and tackled catholocists
Take a crack at the colonists - asiatic ultimatim savage, calloused and barbarous
Descending with adamantium harnesses -
But it's too absurd, they wouldn't learn, and the lichens couldn't turn
Couldn't curb the emergent sperm -
that raged like a beast every time it saw the silhouette of a woman's curves
An Alaskan viking's last recitings, thick vapors in the glades
Whose battle axe would look a lot better if your skull switched places with the blade
The Wall Street dream catcher shanks Capone’s
He’ll have your ankles hanging from chandeliers made from ankle bones
Wait alone in the library from the League of Unknowns.
Be at peace, the demon sheikh Tariq's in the zone
Feeling on Nina Simone's strange fruit, but undecided on "Pass-or-Eat"
On that dragoncream, sipping from the fountain of yew with scab scattered knees
A sleepy, hollow sanctuary, pale like the winter white dew on the pastor's feet
Pupils need to learn - there's five phases for the biplane contaminants
Her name Was Africa, and my name was Atticus
His name was Spartacus - but that's another common conversation
Conquered patrons, honor Raiden by paying homage at the monger's basin
They wanted war? Daywalkers deployed across the nation
Turning city grids into auburn wastebins..
The dead scholars that be, come predominantly from Copper Solomon's creed
Yet, I preside on my knees with a smoking chakra beneath
The salt in my wounds frequently used in Moroccan cuisine
Follow me, bleed.. shed blood over the last Atlantian property deed.

Orc & Vulgar

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