The Federal Redistribution of Welts

Posted by Erik Moshe on Friday, November 1, 2013 Under: Poetry

The Federal Redistribution of Welts

Amelia rates the economic crisis misunderstood
There aren't enough ballots to fit inside the manger
yet these presidents are all babies with
toys dangling from a debt ceiling
teething, for a percentage of curdled milk

First, there is incubator maintenance
and deflatable egos monitored on the market forecast screens

Pregnancy rooms currently occupied,
while pharmacists change their name to 'parliaments'
Skin delta forces scale subterranean mountainscapes
of interest in order to find accrued
a reason why human beings bond

Maternal parenthood wavers in a
valley of freely distributed smog
there's enough speech bubbles (of the vesicle kind)
and thought clouds for everyone in the House,
Senate, Commitees, Foundations, and feasible estates

The theory of frailty is rarely paid any mind
in this system of the sick
and bent
and crinkled cents
and scruff-necked tweed coat lawmen
who've got blue noses and old man shivers
Monetary -- the friendly neighborhood possum
is stationary
alongside the highway turnpike
watching anarchists argue with communists
about equal opportunity
narrated by an iron-witted Medici...

re-hatched, rehashed, re-packaged as
surmountable, painstaking stockade listings

Money signs in our eyeballs
near-sighted glorymaker

Nuremgard under the blindfolds
seen the plight of Widowmakers
won't turn back the clock, it's too late to mend the wounds
string the vows or strum the machina
we can turn the beetle back on its frontside
or watch it fall between history's archaic cracks

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