The Eagle and the Pluralvidium Bulwark

Posted by Erik Moshe on Friday, November 1, 2013 Under: Poetry

The Eagle and the Pluralvidium Bulwark

Grand canyons make good headrests
for a winged CEO with his head in the clouds
Beavis and Butthead replay on Google Glass,
listening to the chirpings of a technotronic mockingbird

He glides over gridded fledglings
injecting collateralized debt fetuses into floating orbs
The stock market fluctuates like a nectarine fly's landing patterns
bubbles pop, scavengers hold yard sales
Divine Rule's abstract painting is vandalized by storks
counting flocks - reporting repertoires
making sense of why hatchlings crack before codes do

The Omega Man slumbers in a soylent green pod
frigates two steps from dialysis sit breathless in the docks
surveillance seagulls recognize Baywatch villains
before they have a chance, for precrime
or to run naked scattering sensory organs onto beach sand

Heartbeats now possess plasticity, an itinerary
directed energy lactose processors - a vertical collectivist
atomic Gene Roddenbury entailing why
tick tocks seldom rest silently, if at all

In the event of an earlybird operation
crows the politician, "Expect to be shat on
before you notice the difference between feces
and a rainshower in Queens,"
Presidential office shrine sheds leaves
onto a hardwood floor utterly crawling with quantum-leaping stickmen
Stiglitz rotary bugs
if the machinery of their greenbacks
perplexes you, backtrack to the secondary embankments
where Andrew Jackson used to go carp fishing
and those fish sometimes pushed 30,000 feet

The Eagle casts its first vote for totalitarian liberty
following applause from bearded dragnets
Satellites clap unenthusiastically, careful not to
reveal their frontal lobes, thoughts, or secret memo's
Irondome shoots origami swans outta the sky
like a longbowman with uzis for fingernails

pop pop pop pop caw caw caw cccaw
vote or die vote or die vote or die!
Vulture diaphragms gnash against logical reasoning's delicate shorelines
declaring war -- total war -- against all
that renders aviation
of noble thinking practices possible

The egg that knowledge lays
will never get past TSA screening

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