The Caribou, Wolf, and Man

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The attack from the wolf sent the other animals into a chaotic spin
Advancing aggressively, it showed the herd of caribou uncommon strength
It clamored incessantly after the youngest and weakest - followed them, grim
One in particular gave it a good chase, but soon his jaws locked onto its limbs
The wolf grinned widely—dinner was served, and for hardly a fetch
Indifferent that its guardians wept, it sensed the sweet taste, the rawness of flesh
Better than vennison? It was harmony. Yes!
A carnivore's three course meal at its rollicking best
teeth like serraded scythes, it prepared for the fatal bite to that soft little neck
The young caribou continued to struggle in a noble display of an animal's pride
Until its mother suddenly charged the wolf, who barely managed to slide
Her antlers were designed to severely damage an ambling amateur's side
but this wolf was an experienced hunter with a total absence of fear in its eyes
With its comrades, it'd slayed many a veteran moose of Eastern mandarin tribes
Tonight, it was hell-bent on dragging this grub back to where he'd reside
After a quarrelsome duel, the mother caribou was plenty bruised -
The wolf strode away victoriously, and snapped the baby's neck in two

A few days passed by, and the mother caribou was still facing tragedy
Her wounds were healing; the light of a new moon revealed an ancient strategy
Ancestral spirits instructed her, "Seek out the man by the name of Allenby."
The rest of her herd—their noses swollen blue—were discussing migration allergies
They'd seemed to have forgotten her precious cub. But she was out for revenge
To punish that nuisance of a wolf who'd commited nature's most incalculable sin

She journeyed to the town of Elderdorn, and knocked upon a blacksmith's door
A middle-aged man answered, covered in soot, and with surprising tact, implored:
"Greetings, caribou. I am Allenby. What would you have me for?
Don't stir any trouble, 'ya hear - my neighbor's got a savage labrador!"
The caribou replied, "You can relax, of course. I've come to request your assistance
I've been sent on a mission. A vicious wolf snatched the neck of my infant
but with the help of your unanimously effective weapons and trinkets
I can ensure that wolf's deathly inscription; it's what's best for my kindred
Allenby agreed to help her slay the wolf, but only if he could saddle her back
She accepted the terms to wear a harness with reins—that was the catch

The following morning, the man rode a caribou laced up with straps
Silently treading after the scent of wolf saliva and bloodshed, tracing its tracks
They arrived at the wolf's lair in an open clearing - its insatiable marsh
to find it sleeping next to a pile of bones, hidden face in its arms
The mother caribou burned with rage—impatient, she'd made it this far
Allenby appeased her by shooting an arrow straight through its heart
Dead instantly, the wolf keeled over; she rejoiced, & said in a reserved tone
"Thank you, Allenby. Now take these things off me, and let's return home."
He replied: "Not so fast, my furry friend. Can you pay my final toll?
I'd prefer to keep you saddled as you are now, under my control..."

The caribou served the man henceforth, wondering how she'd so foolishly fared
"If you allow men to use you for your own purposes, they'll surely use you for theirs..."

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