The art of pulling over a Volvo.

Posted by Erik Moshe on Sunday, July 17, 2011 Under: Rhymed Verses

Approach and identify the threat, and make sure the bass is turned low. Inch your way to the driver’s side, whilst keeping a safe distance..
The art of pulling over a Volvo…
Is not exactly a tale of suburban street patrol -
Gothic automobile factories don’t perturb the sleepless souls
Mustache is brushwire soaked in collard greens and cornbread
Favorite episode of Ren & Stimpy projected on his greasy forehead
Pigs vs. Narcs at the Dragon buffet, Acuras tagged by the gauge
Yakuza’s clamor away through inanimate haze, drug lords dragged by their braids
Who’s that citizen? It’s Joe Plumber, headed to the baker for some supper
Pulls out of the driveway: “Ignorance Is Strength” sticker stapled to his bumper
But there’s not much to do when your stuck in a beer bunker
Approach the driver’s side with the high beam light to discover a couple of deer hunters
I’m a free man now, Miss Daisy, why you looking so perplexed and sad?
Your caravan’s missing tail lights, not the march of an armadillo on Electric Ave.
A Swedish boxcar is a magenta beetle peeling leather
My dear professor split melonheads in the strawberry fields forever
Beyond the shadow of doubt, the shroud of Turin was the work of Jesus!
A spider the size of the Nazca lines lurks beneath it -
Stakeout by the Ihop, powdered sugar cakes the steering wheel
Teenagers breed in a vase of Clearasil, the grim reaper’s makes a killin’ dealing pills
Forest orbs glow as acid cloaks the nation in rainy season
Relocated my jugular for safety reasons in a basement full of demons…
Robocop’s got a bagel and some pastry pieces, punks diving
Drunk driving, drugs in the car and shit
Carbon monoxide generator… I ease back…pffff…and take a Darwin hit
Discovered the origins of species through the creatures of Roswell from Rah’s well
There was a miraculous creation in the year 1984 when George Orwell met Lee Harvey Oswell
What a bizarre weekend, the turn of events has taken painful turns
Terrestrial pentagrams awakened the grains of Earth cradling Cain and Abel’s sperm
Sacrificial lambs crowed in unison at the celebration of Satan’s birth
I turn a cold shoulder to Rosemary’s baby while the townspeople push over the stroller
Alcohol level is off the charts according to these scrotum patrollers!
The biosphere an inferno, flaxen in the cholerian sky - societies respond: barely a cry
Take the District of Columbia and replace Columbia with an Area Nine
Crimped up in a jail cell.. “Mom, dad… the cop’s badge was an alien eye.”
Follow sobriety test procedures thoroughly. Proceed to frisk until satisfied. Drive off with a hot cup ‘o coffee and a bag of coke. Mm..

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