Texas Terror Crusades

Posted by Erik Moshe on Sunday, July 17, 2011 Under: Rhymed Verses

The sheriff approached the gunslinger in the shantytown
Hand me down bullets readily put to use handily now -
Drifter colony templars, embryonic skin granary brown
Warlords who draw wealth from the chemical well where humanity drowned
Stampedes of insanity crowd with their United Nations amnesty crowns
"It's all been planned, bastards. Can you herd these lambs any damn faster?!"
Canyon land bastions of emerald, gold, and palewhitehorse for the grandmasters
Helium rays hit, the sand bags lift -
Complements the soldier's peachy complexion
Impeach the congressional beasts of elections
Administer the Bush administration, a lethal injection
The constitution grants us, We the People a weapon
To weed out the questionable peepholes and reckon
Set apart the lies and the distant truths -
that there'll no be surviving the missile plumes
The current level of education will surely delay the rise of insistent youths
Hitler fried his own building too.
No need for siding while they're biding their time for a system boot
At the expense of many reddened fatigues, ideas have been bred and conceived
With careful vestige - please reconsider everything you've been led to believe
Eventual retinal screens paid for by the misled and reprieved
13 arrows, 13 federal leaves
13 epic angles to view our civil liberties hanging dead from a tree
I'd be convinced the populous was asleep if it weren't for...
The dying mothers. The crying brothers.
Houston corpses and the gliding buzzards
Why even try to rhyme? Face the facts; human lives are numbered
The true American Sith Lords are succeeding with flying colors..

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