Tennis Aquarium (feat. jube jube)

Posted by Erik Moshe on Monday, February 4, 2013 Under: Poetry

“Ready, set, serve!” yelled the goldfish announcer,
As the school of krill scatter to dodge the incoming tennis ball
Sharks patrol the sea borders
Ready to naturally select any fish that steps out of line
Fish struggle in the game tennis game of life
Whales and walruses delivering power shots
Laughing at all who cower in fear

Black milk is the ritualistic liquid material
One second is all it takes
for Wimbledon to become a chlorine infested bubbletopia
Denim jackets, tennis rackets, and Denise Goldfisherman is up for the serve
Japanese catfish gleam under an array of melted Skittles
And the boy with the green spheres launches 13 monkeys in all directions
Plastic bag toiletries symbolize the artificial coral reefs -
If only they could save the real thing
Save the whales, rescue the oil drenched seagulls
and transport their encapsulated feather pillows to pelical bay
Alkatraz is the place to be.
I’ll grow gills one day, and sink down into the depths..
Breathe that in.

The catcallers whistle in the stands
Piranhas and swordfish pitted against one another
The jellyfish referee stings all who break the rules
The buzzer sounds and the clownfish announcer announces:
The transparent window panes acts as a prison to all.

In : Poetry 

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