Taking the Plunge

Posted by Erik Moshe on Saturday, April 7, 2012 Under: Rhymed Verses

Mankind exists in a hopeless condition, a slope of it’s own bogus volition
Show your admission tickets and you can own your own ridiculous vision
Military run states, moral peripherals twisted with poor conditions never lifted
Warlord supervision, forcefed foragers horded into torturous prisons
Unloading buckets of dystopian fiction onto the shores of a torrid Olympus
Peacekeepers claim technology is their course but the lord is the mission
People camped out in the ruins of NYC - the Waldorf Astoria’s kitchen
Remorseless religion, nuclear winters signal a chorus of pigeons
Here’s the story, so listen…what comes up must come down in an epic way
Vast towns in the Everglades, shantytowns compound, & then melt away
A peninsula of insulated destruction where social balance is dead awake
Cash cows get loud for the Medicaids, the shade of the venom’s gray
Black clouds encourage the droughts to disseminate while attempts to reiterate
Don’t get passed in Congress and it saps our progress to properly innovate
violently been detained, and policy demonstrates that your property is retained
Yet the war on terrorism monstrosity is constantly centerstage...
I’m not talking about martial law, even though the wretched deal’s passed
Years after 1984, Orwell's still shaking his head at us through ethereal glass
Look to the middle classes where resilience is found, strength through millions
can pounce & end the erosion of liberties sounding the coming villainy to surround
Even in ancient Sumeria, men still had the willingness to burn cities to the ground
But when viciousness is denounced, we envision an individualistic lineage of Tao
I’ve learned that by sitting on the couch and skimming through "brave new world"
That I can’t save crude worlds, I can only pray that I’m never enslaved in New Worlds
In an age that decays this blue pearl that we plummet in, I take comfort in
Knowing that once we perish, the biology of natural order will take over once again

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