Posted by Erik Moshe on Sunday, August 21, 2011 Under: Poetry

the league of extrapolated generals
is veering out of control in a vortex
suspended by tent poles
and inflated by germanic juggernauts
like a pavilion in the scorched sky
elected demogogue temple
by the people, the frosty westerners -
destiny's select, broiling in an empire
of shadow men with Ludwigs
and official looking costumes
their throats knotted horsebraids;
horseman of the apocalypse
is to blame for selling it's ponytail
but hell's marketplace is also to blame!

with gunships parked in the parking lot;
veloci raptors buried in the corpses of
speed train graveyards, Heimlich asylums
where wordsmiths regurgitate
reasons why they shouldn't shut the fuck up
and join Elysium Estates like the rest of the elders
You fools!
You grotesque couch potatoes!
You concrete coated freedom fries!
it encourages sativa growth, but still
plants have egos too
when your farmlands burn, think of this segment
the bludgeoned church children on your porches
the tweety birds in the playgrounds
playing it off like they're not bathing in blood -

when you were told to 'say your last words'
it might've been smarter to will your property
to whoever's left
when this capricorn planet bleeds
and the one with the first aid kit
has the eye of the inflictor

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