Supply and de man

Posted by Erik Moshe on Sunday, August 21, 2011 Under: Poetry

Supply and de man

In baroque ettiquette
stewards of their respective trades
sit at royal tables, diamond encrusted
scepters positioned between their knees
Faces, carved out of economics
with an agreeable

eerie grouping of expressions
They are
savage hounds in a ballroom
with Elizabeth masks, hiding pseudo scars
sipping chivalry from unlikely cups
the basic supercapitalist broth

As the dance floor converges
from the left, to the right
As farm animal bonanzas meet
for a cheery waltz through the countryside
they are projected holographically
with George Orwell as the DJ

replaced lily pads with sewer hatches
and climbed down the ladder
for underworld maintenance
I’m longing

for the delicate female

at the end of the table
her digital body
with all it’s nuclear taboo

is still desirable
when finger points meet pressure
outlets, she’ll lend me the goods
and I’ll return with being interested

In : Poetry 

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