Straight from the Laboratory (feat. DRscribblez)

Posted by Erik Moshe on Friday, April 13, 2012 Under: Rhymed Verses

Straight From The Laboratory

syringes and acid, a flask and a casket
a canibals practice, was chemically drastic
cacoon of elastic; a hell for the spaztic
the semen was blasted, cause hand-sex never lasted...
injected, infected, with skills he perfected
intellect's best in the pills he selected
teaspoon-stir with a whirlwind purr
and his typhoon myrrh was a hurricane blur
an artificial embryo, a kick at the feet
a boom boom thump, now its got a heart-beat
scribblez on a tablet, the Doctor's own sheet
the new age frankenstien... was me.

and i was cursed but blessed from the worst of the best forms
and birthed from the death of the last first born
see i wasnt conceived from the womb of a woman
but my throat was entombed in an oven,
so now i spit fire and speak heat,
i burn competition like dried wheat.
and my addictive, rituals will have you rehearsing my lyrics
but i guess thats a blessing, spittin my vocalistic gimmicks
im an ensemble of letters choreographed in harmony
and deliver a worse blow than sub-African poverty
see there is not stoppin me, DRscribblez at his finest
my makers property, but you can still call me your highness
my majestic collection of intellectual thoughts
cannot be contested by your simplistic pencil jots
and im commonly considered one of the Gods
but my mortality suggests a lower applause
and my image as man, is merely a mirage
im beyond your comprehension of your celestial status
im a symbol of dominion, a complex apparatus
im immortal but ive been dead for centuries
im the portal to life and deaths most valued entities
im pandoras box, and the blood of Abraham
indestructible, though im a pillar of sand
yet, here i stand...

straight from the laboratory, sat.ans adversary
grapes of a horror-story, the wake of a bloody-mary
ripped my umbilical chord, i am a soldier
unsheathed my lyrical sword,
to collab with Vulgar...

I'm at the thought crime office, gently stroking the terminal bench
The officials haven't heard of us yet so I still remain murder exempt
Feel a burn in my chest - my inner child's head swerves to the left
Oh, you haven't heard of me yet? Well let me express it through a story rap
I'm that message stored within your fortune cookie strips of glory-snatch
What does it say? Regret under her tongue, my mother was numb
Had her smothering her Frankenstein babies for fear of what they'd become
An underachiever hitching a ride on the windmill's grind wheel
Purple eyed, swallowing depth charges from underwater minefields
Monster from Barbados, sip mango juice from the dome of Basilica
Reading Quantum Physics kicked back on a throne of imprisoned villagers
I can only hint who the villain is, he bought the tonic in quarter ounces
DNA particle patterned the walls of Vonnegut slaughterhouses
Black and white utopia zebras keep leaking on my cerebra
Cremated in a cauldron of fire, sprinkle on the paprika
I drizzled the sodium benzoate in my beaker for you miserable amateurs..
I'm taking volunteers from the Pentagon to study their skin tissue's parameter
NOW PLAYING: Michael Jackson's thriller with sociopolitical characters
In the meantime, I'll cruise the green seas with pirouettes and tea
Mixing properties of the soul, reinventing the human dream

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