Story of a Sniper

Posted by Erik Moshe on Saturday, May 5, 2012 Under: Rhymed Verses

Faith crosses every border and touches every heart in every nation.

George W. Bush

His eye circumference splits to one-minus, squints as if stung by the sun’s vibrance
In position to hunt, sufficient enough, a militant hunched in abrupt silence
Cylinder muzzle was clutched tightest, commissioned by political thugs to conduct violence
With plans to kill enemy grunts with relentless blitzes of gunfire -
He was a living religious one-liner - stumped, from one line of relinquished one-timers
Being pistol whipped by a dumb tyrant? Hidden, guided missiles at the tip of his grunge eyelids
Men go to war, that’s what we do, said his conscience, while surveying termite mounds
As army ants overran the hill like a band of murderers, a herd-like crowd
A preferred life now, can’t stop the villains, can’t halt the dealings
Too numb from amoxicillin and as a machine gunner he already popped lots of children
Conquering continents used to be an honest vision, now a lost tradition
We went from flocks of pilgrims traveling on vessels from the docks of England
Now we carry pocket bibles for sharpshooters, pages infected with the vassals of agnosticism
Hillary Rodham Clinton puts on some lipstick, her Prada get-up in top condition
UN conferences tend to get her nipples twitching - she’s supposedly a modest Christian
I guess we all bought her image. If a chandelier falls on her face would we stop and grimace?
How’s the sky the limit but we stop at ceilings painted with the apostles John and Philip?
Credibility’s long gone and finished, inevitability of worldwide Ramadan diminished
I’m willing to lay back, free from spiritual burdens in an army clinic
But that’s hardly physically possible… he heard a shot in the distance - then relative peace
When dead quiet consumed the forest, he could almost hear his distant relatives speak
It’s been a hell of a week, he weakly recalls a chunk of shrapnel connect with his arm
“For god and country…” - no neglecting his psalms, he adjusts the scope, of his problems
The zooming percentage is wrong, but nevertheless these men have been dead for so long
Genetically modified super soldier - Navy seal, marine megaladon
Who expresses himself with exceptional calm & sings along to the most splendid of songs
The only tear he’d ever shed was from a war cry, never had enough gore
In special forces training his grasp of weapons was almost poetic, caused an uproar
Intelligent man in a corrupt war, didn’t understand what he even woke up for
Attack my homeland? I dare one of you terrorist motherfuckers to try it.
He was a slave to the hunger inside him…scrounging caves would have him humbled, in time
Ranger covered in hide, lurking in the shade that the concrete jungle provided
Years later he was sent home with a set of congressional medals for American patriots
He was a god among men with the rifle, yet after the war he was left as an atheist.

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