Stepping Outside of Yourself: Does it require cloning?

Posted by Erik Moshe on Friday, December 6, 2013 Under: Rhymed Verses

Some leapfrog over other heads in the majestic lagoon
heed the lessons entombed in a Peace Corps general's retinal pools
Follow megahertz herds via astral projection, ascend the platoon
If you end up a ball of regret at the bottom of a well... ..
Well, ponder what a gremlin would do.

At first, I didn't need a sage to advise me to obey the laws of nature
I sung a song for labor, bogged down in my hyperbolic chamber
I tried seeing eye-to-eye with a relentlessly reproducing throng of neighbors
Promenades blurred, as dishonest, dissolvent vapors became auditor & arbitrator
author, overseer, psalm curator, carpenter, padded record ashtray filth
Grape juices of wrath may spill, for those who accomplish the last great swill
Do mortar layers with blue corneas look upon the monotonous slabs they built?
All is worthy of analysis from the perspective of an eccentric man
who travelled to Uzbekistan with frankincense and an essential plan
In quiet thought, he made headwind on a camel to the sounds of his brethren's chants
Each night he dreamt of the torrid desert sands,
and a swarm of locusts that formed a helping hand

Some honeycombs are made of hexagrams - onlookers admire its odd beauty
There's a difference between staying alert and being an ant in a food cabinet on guard duty
I've seen wraiths of men guzzle freeze-dried karma from an enemy's spine
The "Do It Yourself" ideology seems to breed poignancy through a century's time
but even the leaf hoisting insect might prefer an assembly line
Accept distillation; ahead of schedule in a deft, cryptic waste bin
If you feel you're being watched, the universal cartographer must be getting impatient
Oh, great, you nailed a career. Succeeded. It's so simple to say it
spoken with the collective conscious effort of a singular nation
You've inhaled the air your ancestors regurgitated, yet it's syphilis laden
This hammerhead habitat is a vortex designed to spit you out, if you awaken
Our own undoing is executed with impeccable craftsmanship,
those who grasp the scope of maintenance seldom neglect the lesser questions
When the window to your soul's about to break through,
will you reach for the glass cleaner or aim for a moment of self reflection?
The group mind's therapy sessions: surpassed the time limit, had to have scores aborted
Unity: those who walk that road, had to clear the forest for it
With hordes of forklifts to extract the pollen-drenched debris
Smoke from a barge imparts amphetamines, impeding all attempts to breathe
Autumn sends the leaves; every ripple effect is a reverberation of the truth of now
Tranquil streams become chaos eddies, don't mind the corpse of the Buddhist cow
It decomposes so we can see there's hope enough to reach stars
Raindrops resemble crestfallen Earths, the ground soaks them up to restart tree barks
At root, we're bacterial formations, living chronicles of the indomitable test tube
Let's use our frontal lobes to strike conversations, or marvel at the rent's dues

If basic human instinct imploded, most would blow up and burn
The archaic build up on the ark's backside propels it past the point of Noah return
I've seen citadels of oneness and ancient spires, I've encountered baseless liars
"Teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifet----" ...unless the bait expires
I slash and burn Command and Conquer manifestos -
then tread leisurely through a maze of pensive penmen observing the wet scenery
Death dreams of me, but I know it doesn't want me to rest peacefully
Those who mount an offensive must have a department of defense: decency.
To get my strip of the pi I sent Leviticus scribes, to rule over the tribe
Consider this. In order to uphold his unholy disguise,
even the wolf in sheep's clothing must pull the wool over his eyes
Approach the day with humble willingness, try to center rhythmic divides
Francis Bacon said "A wise man makes more opportunities than he finds"
The reconstruction of morals, triangulated; reconfiguring rubix cubes isn't a crime
which explains why the Eucharistic pugilist got his new tunic stitched by the blind
Take for instance this line: "Be a workhorse or get trampled. Stay stable."
If it behooves you, pick a gal up and make her breast jangle
Discard deluge inns of grand ore and burlesque labels - pick the best angle
This is an ode to those who pawn their inheritance
A monolith in the sky demonstrating the pro's and con's of togetherness
This is the foundation most never speak of: the ascent of the mind
Even when you blink rapidly,
the Monster of Reality is still staring you in the face fifty percent of the time

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