New Orleans

Posted by Erik Moshe on Monday, April 23, 2012 Under: Poetry

"New Orleans"

get fresh air to share noble deeds
ruptured pipelines

reinforce geographic bonds
with the knuckles of my feet
thermonuclear winters
orange tiles are haunted
wall paper patterns
boast tiger milk graffiti splashes
orangutans in a bathhouse
burn incense, drink pinecone wine
design blueprints for mega cities
caramel scotch at the ready
Architect world keepers
soak in the bourbon of curdling womb
they are heralded
to lands of rising bell bottoms
obnoxiously auburn bratwurst trees
dotting fields
an iron leaf of ice
embracing the lake's thickest

in the meadows
of the light-footed
and the heavyhearted
stash staffs
in the underbrush
in anticipation of a magical season
where snow is a symptom
of an oblivious summer in the delta
lubricated cityscape gloss
mystifies, gridlocked
milk and honey converted
into dust smell,
like old books
with pages ruffled
sensations scuffled,
cottonmouth meringues
bob in rivers of Katrina residue

lower drawbridges
into floating kingdoms
slip into something more comfortable
like the border of neighboring straits
I coast the castes
in flawless procession
where single mothers
and dream catchers hold hands
golden nutmeg spreads
across turrets
The lighthouse flexes its calf muscles
this is the magna carta’s second coming
husbands are wished
safe journeys home
wholewheat kisses blown
yellow sunspots on their cheeks
to express
the gentle toxicity of warmth not lost
in a river awash with untapped potential

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