St. Sigmund and the End of his Thought Oligarchy

Posted by Erik Moshe on Friday, January 18, 2013 Under: Rhymed Verses

I’d forgotten what it was like to wade through marketplaces
Another morning in August ought to be placed in songbird cadence
was it all worth it…in exchange for hellacious inauguration?
This nation of solemn faces, tent pole monarchs disarmed and graven
bloodline compartmentalization left 'em huddled like startled ancients
Squeezed for every cent in debt on deadly whim for some petty bricks
I find things in common with repenting Russian czars, the Serengeti prince
living above where the levees drench the valleys & the servant's buildings
In a castle built by subservient siblings, brothers in arms, emerging children
seems I could no longer curb the feeling - threw a rope over
latched it’s rungs thinkin to myself I'm just an average chum
I escaped from the castle walls like the disillusioned elitist I had become
You see, I live a half life in a dark coven with tattered robes
A christened drab ambrose that glistens like timeless manifolds had risen
Our lives are too rife in this ruckus - diamonds encrusted in grandiose positions
Mother nature's panty-hose are missin'
though Saturn’s glow is distant, it contributes to the last imposed ellipsis
Me being glad to own the kingdom is in the past, a woe, unholy tempest
Allow me to blast this "noble" image while I harass the classic low percentage
I’m ready to trade in my crown, my throne, my mittens
My gold provisions, my goal, to visit a place of bold resistance
To take a humble path. Atonement for my lineage -
Even Castro knows his limits... don't pass the coca
I'll be a casanova, perhaps tending to pastures of Roman women
leaving behind what dictatorship entails, as the plague of quick labor grips the frail
Thousands just died yesterday cause there were invading raiders in the wells
had the thirsty citizens known of the wine at my table? They’d rebel
I’m considered as sacred as the grail - a rich fucking traitor infidel.
A false king among his own people, beggar of approval, leading panicked roosts
but the leader IS an animal, and the facts we teach would sadden you
Mass psychology manipulation via bread, crumbs & the yeast compatible
I found God but didn't need to seek sabbaticals
A sheikh’s pentagonal shield is radical as bishops work nursin' the world’s current
demands for sterling burden the dirt merchants and the worst verdict?
thenstead of mouths to feed, they'll say "It's cheaper to just offer them church sermons"
I’d consider myself a learnt person, a shepherd converted to an equal now
feeling under the weather beneath a teeming stream of Middle eastern clouds
The suffering in their facial features seems to bleach the crowd, I see it now
I’m feeling like an evil count with a Ouija board, fiend of the doctrine
gambling like King Theomach did to be on the streets as a prophet
From this day forth I, Lord Status Quo will dive into a sea of souls
Hegemony is no more, tell the royal leige of old they can keep the scrolls
After preaching my psalms through lands of sweeping gold...
I’ll become a common man with peaceful home, where trees can grow
remember those strolls through halls of judgment when I was talking slick?
I traded my imperial scepter for a walking stick -
I traded my dynasty's wings for the holy book, seraphim for kabbalists
Now I pray to Elohim's accomplices in a cottage lit by kerosene & hostel wicks
re-establishing myself as an authoritarian of the right breed
throughout my mind's territory
to spread the good word:
for a fair regime of consciousness.

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