Sacred Memoirs of the Twin Reapers (feat. Eviscerate)

Posted by Erik Moshe on Friday, February 10, 2012 Under: Rhymed Verses

The Nethergate is dark. Renovated, they’ll never break apart
Inseminate the stars… biblical, wait ‘til we get to the revelation part
How can you get your beauty sleep when there’s a leather face at large?
The way your heads separated it’ll look like a misused exclamation mark
I’m a crossbreed goblin with multifaceted problems… a wallet made from Dolly Parton
Mollywhoppin’ these Polly Pockets… filling their nasal passages with Stalin toxins
The sawdust in their nostrils soften the cartilage - used to grow concrete gardens
In the valleys of deadweight that the serpents lurk in, they murdered virgins
A virgin who murders terse men… backdrop of small town school children learnin’ cursive
Learn your purpose. I sold my soul to MKULTRA in the wake of NASA
Tasted crates of acid, half baked in lakes of placid I know it’s safe to say I made it past it
As prison wardens hold hands in a suspended matrix of Goldilocks’ anal plasma
Disgraceful rappers… get laid in a ditch. Permanent hand jobs, sever Arcadian wrists
In Albanian crypts with foul sapiens drenched. And Manchurian Candidates taping the shit
Feel the hate when I spit… the satellite from my mouth a gigantic barge of gas
Still won’t scar you as much as the shards of glass OR THE MOTHERFUCKIN CARBON TAX
All you Winston Churchills, Warren Buffets, warrant puppets
All you Big Daddy Kanes, Lil Flip, Cassie, Waynes… you’ll all get garnished with a harmful substance
Call me Armagheddon armed with glutton, tired of fussin’ over this vinyl vaginal ruckus
Consider your anklebones - you want proximity mines, butterfly knives or crutches?
In the future will they call this crime or punishment, a dime a dozen
I’ve had enough of it stun gunnin’ the people under the stairs
as they descend down an infernal slide to the land of the coveted
Trust in it, the chlorine'll have your misstresses looking like Kermit the Frog
And if they squirm when I splurge I’ma squirt in their hearts
Devils tomorrow, currently gods
So pray to Him we don’t find out where those beloved nurseries are…
Picture me in Trinidad with a signature grimace
Defecating in a litter of kittens just wishin’ to pillage an innocent village
Maleficent villain who’s itchin’ for killin and willin to spill any blood from a city civilian
Fuck 50/50 percentages… oh, you live in Pleasantville, huh? I pity you Simpletons
I’m a dog chasing cars with it’s stomach hangin out whippin’ in the wind
And since I burn all the money I make I guess they’ll never let me in a syndicate again
Let me take you bastards back to compassion’s actual resting place
Tactical Vanderlei, with soviet hand grenades strapped to a bantamweight
Before the earth, wind, fire band can play you’ll collapse from the hazardous draft of the centigrade
Population control, disease prevention, evil prisons
Trilateral commission hyenas grinning.. Tongues drippin with deceitful venom
The color of their split appendages reminiscent of leaves of spinach
Global Warming, green dominion… blood red taxation, people listen
You really think your defending that flag of freedom? Please believe its being cleaved to ribbons
Fuck a tunnel I’ve got sewer vision in this cheap existence
Evis, release it I don’t even think I need to finish…

Chariots of fire blaze the sky, religion's disgraced once u've face the lies
Hitler the chosen ambassador by Pleiadean in the wickedest way devised
loving the nauseousness, Spear of Longinus through your esophagus
mephistopheles with razor blades rising out of my sarcophagus
The Ancient Of Days...eviscerate you atop limestone-tipped minarets
you sick bitches are lyric-less...thus prohibited like this was Leviticus
cause calamity like the sun and a magnifying glass is a disservice to ants
while the vermin-full lance pulls apart your chest cavity like surgical clamps
the wrath marauder. fck with my plans and you're another masked martyr
military contract to manslaughter after being babtized by Blackwater
kidnap every man's daughter, drown them in bleach like the CELL's serial killer
danglin' with hooks perched into my back iller than a diseased venereal spiller
E-v's ethereal. far exceed any CD's material, see these defiant
expose the Giant after i disclose the lost scrolls and The Protocols Of Zion
try to fathom an eclipse when full, red skies of blood just too visceral
they say "Death comes in 3's"...but in this case, its just Vis and Vul
my fist is full of baby organs and infants in their 3rd month of gestation
attracted to fresh patients in nurseries like a werewolf that's flesh chasin
these despicable hordes of humans and your fucking miserable lord
hand up the uterus of Mary tryin choke Jesus with his umbilical chord
demon of the night who digs up graves and stomps-out the smallest coffins
man is but animal with the gift of Will, yet from grace he has fallen too often
those who stood with Anton Lavey and kissed the ring on his hand
danced in séances within a firey pentagram resembling a Ram
the same who twisted the faith and made an evil Islam to bomb
kabbalistic psalms, rabbinical monsters with the tetragrammaton
i lift your skirt...expose your bloody daffodil
stuff you with a stick of C4 disguised as a fucking Massengil.
when us Greys are done drinking ur blood, and decide we ain't having it
we'll nuke the planet and quarantine the human plague that inhabits it..

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