Rediscovery of the Excavated Man

Posted by Erik Moshe on Sunday, March 4, 2012 Under: Rhymed Verses

God speaks through HIM, without the means to find a medium
the rise of helium prices preceded him in a life of mindless tedium
Divine resilience, he dined with Brazilians
in his studies he admired the Indians, in his mind he was brilliant
stone mason, stone carvings, stone basin, stones thrown at a stone cottage
somewhere past the stone age he lost it - in the snow, alone & exhausted
A frog in a moshpit, trampled, a winged moth that was frostbit
starving, head in the sand like he was crossed with an ostrich
retina strands streaked with hazel holograms, the mark of Colossus
Embarkments were costless; no doubt he was modest, a broken compass navigator
with the hands of a gravedigger and the spirit of a watchmaker -
Guided by the words of a dying father on the verge of a rising Sparta
he mouthed 'Sionara' to the 2012 disciples disturbed by the Mayan sagas
there's enough coffee fields in my brain's why I prefer not to buy from Starbucks
Transformers cartoons making a racket in the kitchen -
Little girl eating Captain Crunch but the procedure is unknown
cause Gina Simone is building conscious, sentient machines on her own
Megatron megatons of creative impulses, I probably would smirk
when you become a physical remnant, at least you've left behind a body of your work
Modern biology was purged - Mars desolation, sparse metal matrix
the pharmaceutical sandworms have you speculating why you scarf medications
In the meantime these street signs wreak of dark meditation
Hello kids... meet General Propaganda, Uncle Samuel and Drill Sgt. Persuasion.
They want entertainment? show them labyrinth laboratories
show them Madeleine's abattoir, the blood spattered oak leaf
i know you see this man's exodus as an average story
the pages of his life flapping like the sound of a dragon's quarry in a massive orgy
Took the latest batch of Codeine, collapsed in a heap on the curb
treeroots emerged, leaving plant needles and ferns dispersed throughout the pieces of earth
Believe me, I've searched. I never found an artful vision.
Even when heavenbound, always prepared for harsh conditions
Enlarge this sentence, take away something from these meaningless words...
His heart a marble artifact, the aftereffect was numbing and preposterous
a shovel full of white blood cells smashed the egg of his rebirth -
It was something like an omelet as he rose from the smoking shell of a summer christened monolith.
watering beanstalks and brainstems, nights on Elm street
sleep deprivated from memories of the two towers, the strength of men ceasing at Helm's Deep
The future he knew was oppressive but he refused to accept it
So much hunger in his blood stream it gradually consumed his intestines
self denial a past time, full moon in a tomb of acceptance
He preserved a time capsule containing the ugly truth in the form of a beautiful message.

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