Rapflava.com Topical Tournament - Round 1

Posted by Erik Moshe on Saturday, April 7, 2012 Under: Rhymed Verses

Hunchback leviathan in the remnants of Notre Dame
Holds in his palm a sparrow spinning tendrils of sober song
with no memory focused on, the cold temperature bolsters on
Bolshevik bronze petals settled - soul benders had shoulder launched
Oak timbers that convulsed with mulch exhaust, plant life mostly gone
A couple weeds poked through holes in the scorched asphalt every hopeless dawn
For a machine it had an icy demeanor, two synthetic eyes like frozen ponds
In the corrosive fog, within himself he debated innately
Fragments of metallic spine littering the outdoor dungeon he created for safety
Every once in awhile the clouds would darken and the sky’s ceiling would burst
The robot and the bird didn’t even refer to Earth’s destruction at all…
They just merely conversed… as the bird hopped in place & cheerfully chirped
“What’s happening, big fella?” in a sound that was splendid
“Oh, nothing much. Just another apocalyptic afternoon tied down to this wreckage.”
“I see. You look uneasy though. Is your kind extinct? What’s the reason, bro?
The human race - completely toast, already walkin' round like fleets of ghosts”
The robot greased his throat and briefly croaked:
“Our atmosphere is diseased, the breeze is coal, the bibles burned, the sea is mold
My titanium bone structure is slowly suffering from lesions and it’s freakin’ cold”
The sparrow gently flapped it’s wings in agreement:
“These are far from nature’s compatible times. Halflings eatin' maggots, animal hide.
But we have to survive… even a metal being can understand… we have to survive.
Suddenly the robot shrieked in disgust - his mouth discharging butane and compost
Realizing what he was holding in his hand was a strangely mutated cockroach.

You stubborn bastards…

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