Rap is Deadpool

Posted by Erik Moshe on Friday, April 13, 2012 Under: Rhymed Verses



Drumrolls, curtains, we took the commoner's precipice
Now the godcatchers look upon us as treachorous
If they say humankind is gone with the nethermist
We'll uprise the sinking continents with blinking monoliths
Until spheres of warmth and light exist within our submissive consciousness
You live on a futile Earth that surrounds you, the blue cirrus around you
The universes confound you, if you can cruise the lunar surface
And assume it's purpose - supernovas embody the tragedies of life
Even when inflational rates soar, there's still majesty in strife
At the base of the quasar the acidic rains of the plains pour
The nation of Qatar prays to the same lord waiting to wage war
On the sandstorm stalagmites, I'm just awaiting a gray storm,
To scald the streets in throngs
The murderous legacy began back in Vietnam, back to freedom bongs
When the U.S. would sell crack to Viet Congs, in the past, concieving psalms
There's no end to the imperialist regime, we can't stop, the waits over
The Chopin flame holds us from the projected nexus of Mozart, Bach, and Beethoven
Hermit crabs wield their oaken piccolos, the more the righteous
Saharan cities arise like the fjords of cypress
Nostradamus made a gigantic discovery after recording his fourth album
"Holy shit, this bipodal centipede's having an orgasm!"
Musical evolution took a turn at the metamorphasis aisle
Violinist politicians engaged in subordinate trifle
The council seats lined with orbs and disciples
At the wake of the cyclone, there's the sound of javellins sparred
Battlements fall on the count of collateral draw
But there's a free buffet so these insectoid trumpeteers are having a ball
London skyrisers, wastelands, grand pianos, this is ageless form
Another baby born - the conductor raised his arms

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