Rags to the equivalent of Ragnarok...

Posted by Erik Moshe on Saturday, July 21, 2012 Under: Rhymed Verses

Rags to the equivalent of Ragnarok…

The grandest Andromeda was an exaggeration,
That’s at least according to a handful of less-than-candid philosophers
Mountain folk, middle men of middle Earth, banished photographers
They never had a plan for the bottom serfs, no understanding of commoners
With what wisdom did the Mythology Buffs so gallantly place...
Royal Greek lineage over the regular Josephine’s? - it’s a coward’s charade
Banded together the masses elate, “We Are The 99 Percent Mortality Rate”
Now I don’t know what the gods are sipping or what their medicine conjures
But I overheard Hercules in the market say…
“Check out these beggars in their decadent armor. Clay colored shirts and fur coats -
They clearly aren’t blemished as paupers, men who were meant to be fostered
An activist stood up and voiced: “This buffoon’s insight…did I hear this fool right?”
His eyes were bloodshot, oppressed yet his beard was Zeus white
Mystic moonlight reflected their resolve as they climbed the slants of Everest
Out in the cold, as "gods" sat in sheek halls with full stocks of Manichevitz
Healed wounds with a single stroke, while we’re flogged with antiseptics
Dopplegangers, prescient of negative acceptance; lessons for the restless
Don’t shoot the messengers, we are the 99%, no demagogues or Sanskrit essence
The first casualty protestant turned out to be Hermes for his propagandist methods
Lightning bolts rocked the bay…we pushed on through Pompeii with promenades
The river Styx is our bathhouse while they just visit it to celebrate traditional holidays
The way they protected us from mythical beasts were like kicks to a dead horse
We said: “Lords, don’t forcefully defend us; let us build a formidable defense force”
That over-parent treatment has led to an overt, glaring weakness
He’s on a boat but Charon’s a paraplegi, why employ him if souls despair needless?
No man finds peace in a lifestyle where your just striving for a safety zone
When you pass away, is Valhalla last resort or just undesirable vacation home?
We’re not trying to make you out to be invincible offspring of evil god-kings
But Monsanto’s toxic arm blessed Elysium with artificial seeds & hot springs
Call Cyclops, I need his rock sling to go about making these statements
At the cave of creation, where Zeus just comes and rambles…
Look, if you haven’t the foggiest idea, get your behemoth head outta the gutter panels
Eating pomegranate in summit sandals -- the bleeding harvest of corrupted annals
Gods watch over you whether there’s an observation deck or a judgment panel
With Poseidon guarding the gates to all the freshwater deposits -
Tuition fees off the charts in war-torn Damascus, can’t even get started in college?

I call upon you mottled-iron tempests,
don’t be offended by your god-defying kindred
We seek to modernize our image:
You caused 99% of poverty stricken souls want to Occupy Olympus

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