Quick 'Time Machine' themed verse

Posted by Erik Moshe on Sunday, July 17, 2011 Under: Rhymed Verses

He took a glance at the knobs and wires
Timescape's suspension sphere, fossilize the copper vials
He wished he'd have brought a bible, his eccentrics with the Ecclestias
had the parchment piled in this planetarium of throbbing light spools
The Richard Dawkins files, embarked to Zion on lost recitals
This strangely new prolonged life on darkened isles - I knew the gods would smile
In the historical sense it was probably treason
as travelers branched out to spread the sacred words from the psalm of the legion
Universal monogamy deepened, Horologium felt his arteries weaken
The end of the matter - not atomically speaking
"It's subconsciously possible, fuck these popular teachings
Pressing down on various notches is a modest procedure on those frosty Lothlórien evenings
Like life dodged death on the weekends for it's own posthumous reasons
We escape the Past, Present, and Future without the knowledge to reap it
I've trekked the farthest to reach it - sent out a Nautilus beacon
To the lighthouses at the last shore in the hopes that the smog would release us
Gracious hosts in ancient boats ordains the eons with each hypotheses -
High Councilmen, leave us, off to Mars to the barge of martian collegiates
His reincarnate returned to Nazareth posed as a deity - you thought it was Jesus
And in relation, drums of a powerful source croon as soon as innovation hums
I'll wait at the helm of the Nebuchanezzar -
Wondering where the oracle gets her information from

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