Presenting the Human Oddity Odyssey...

Posted by Erik Moshe on Sunday, July 17, 2011 Under: Rhymed Verses

Presenting the Human Oddity Odyssey

Welcome to the freakshow of...
Exotic Amazonian erotic pandemonium
Black and white photography and bowls of smokin' golden opium
Spider goddesses in stilettos as they wearily strut it
As red-lit faces at the bar prompt another bloody mary induction
Sectarian Russians come by the hundreds
Just to make quick work of their nuclear Bavarian lunches
Bearded women engage in intimate friction to the blaring percussion
Twirling their Viking braids, it's apparent they love it
But love each other? That's a stretch without a marriage to covet
Envision their lives with the elixir of life, such a perilous substance
Next display is sex incased, so it's a restricted booth for minors
Nudity? Yes, considering Betty Pussyclap does have two vaginas
Over there's the seven fingered man, alien palm reader and more
Oh, and buy your tickets now if you haven't seen the Night Creepers before
The Gray Lady, with all the features that make a lady gracious
Gentle giants, amazing acrobats and Chernobyl baby faces
Percilla Magpie - still in her frilled dress sucking on a bag pipe
Snapping oil portraits for five cent catalogs
bound by borders of alligator skin and black ice
These seemingly nonsensical scenes pass, pass the green hash
To the original "Steve Nash" with the world's largest stick of earwax
Siamese twins from China being introduced by a dwarf named Herbert Grape
You can say they have a connection - with their ninth vertebrates
Most of these scarred and distorted people were discarded as orphans
What do the strange girls do? Their next demonstration is at noon..
It's called the art of abortion.

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