Pigface Goes to School (feat. Spoken)

Posted by Erik Moshe on Friday, April 13, 2012 Under: Rhymed Verses

Note: My apology for any vulgarity expressed in this verse. It's meant to be rap.


Pigface is scrunched up with the paper lanterns, so
He's holding human nature for major ransom notes
This was my city, it used to have my cradle rocked gently
Of the greatest men who ever lived, the 40 thieves were top 50
You're not grisly because you praise yourself on some art of war
You're not developed yet - lay back down in the larva dorms
On Mount Olympia it's a given that you meet dividends
I'm content being Husain Bolt's astroplain critter friend
whose spittle phlegm spreads over the desert hole highway
and plants seeds that grow little gems Simple sense
that's what keeps civilization running flat
10 percent interest spent - that's what kept the simulated crackheads coming back
Whiskey on the rouge, fluid's bumbling in a malt saucer
You can buy out all the cemeteries in the world but there's always swamp water
It's flip mode, kiss the dragon under the mistletoe'd newly risen tempo
Blood pounding in my temples, Confucius slips, broken hipbone
At the withering hilt of his riveting lymph nodes - corrosion of the outer glaze
When self atonement was a masquerade she put Moses in a basketcase
Locusts of the magistrate - you should know that it's hopeless to exaggerate
That's the downside, but she enjoys sensual moaning when she masturbates..
Catch me at the Nazareth train station robbing Jesus' piece
"Stop monkeying around!" said mama gorilla
Baboon swung on a ghetto chimpanzee - bob and weave was conceived
I was shown the gateway at the crack of dawn but not the dawn of man
Burrowed my accomplice's hands in the dirt, they plucked out alien sonograms
In the search for lawless lands -
If you're not a gunslinger you're a coward, a step stone
Apartment blocks Picasso inspired, split up into geometry friendly sections, showered in red tones
Within a couple hours of breast strokes watch your harlot partner glower from strep throat
No twin tower descent known, freefalling, passing kidneys through the power of dead stones
Dig yourself a hole, play dead, become 'oneth' with the pit possum
Cause rolling stones only go so far & Mick Jagger's crumpled at the cliff bottom
This column's been trimmed,
carbon mist hardens in the wake of the worker bee that nips pollen with lip balm in a thick solvence -
I shot a bullet through the forest of protest and hit Walden
He would've forbid caution -
Similar to the same levee engineer that had the River of Styx walled in
It's like I'm married to this purple skull, like Miss Rodman
"Is that the fifth element sprinkled all over your fifth condom?"
Watch how my poker face differs, shifting tides as I ride the shrewdest cubicle through ace rivers
If you're speechless, be assured -
It's usually awkward at a funeral for gravediggers.


The After Life Reveals All.

not as awkward as the soul that pops up clueless
the "subconscious nonsense" he passed off as foolish
now ridicules his pompous options he attempts to tool with
his un-truthful tool kit, a blasphemous shovel he begins to make room with
can't dream to dig him out of his spiritual doom kid
he now regrets looking to that witch and her broomstick
all the powers she once had got her hung next to demons in nooses
being burned alived cuz they denied what the truth is
truth is, he perceived he had all of the answers
he was devilishly deceived by the fallen with cancerous
webs of lies tied together by his romantic lusts
he desired wives fables and the truth he thrusted
so far into the darkness that the lies became his doctrine
the words from his guide didn't register but he mocked them
each level of intelligence was marked as progress then
he was proclaimed elite shining in the light of ungodly men
dead center in the land of the heartless when
his spiritual guide hits the lights and exposes the darkest dens
the stark dread replaces the pious feeling of knowledge just
as his "angel of light" transformed to a darker friend
The stronger grip tears into his flesh as he tries to resist
desperately he cries out to a God he claims does not exist
his lack of faith keeps him from hearing his voice
can't digest the truth because a demon feels his void
He curses God feeling played out like a useless toy
forgetting his free will, God won't overrule his choice
to follow a doctrine of demons, feasting in a house of heathens
until he releases Satan as sole owner of his spirits leasing
before his mind could roam
thinking of the perfect word to say to a God unknown
searching the endless bible quotes, he casted aside as lies and jokes
His demon guide releases him from his dream
he wakes a second before his Ferrari smashes a tree.

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